World Record Disc Golf Throw – David Wiggins Jr.


On Friday, April 13th, 16 year old David Wiggins Jr. launched a 134-gram Blizzard Champion Boss high into the desert sky. When it returned to earth, spotters confirmed the disc had traveled 836′ (255m) and had broken the world distance record. A record that stood untouched for nearly a decade. David was competing in the the High Desert Distance Challenge III in Primm, NV (elevation 2618′). David’s throw bested Christian Sandström’s record of 820′ that was set way back on April 26, 2002 with an Innova DX Valkyrie.

Friday’s weather was breezy & cold with a threat of rain showers. Nearly all the competitors were throwing Blizzard Champion models. David’s record setting throw was made at approximately 3:00pm PDT during his fourth throw of the second distance set. Winds were blowing from the South at 14.5 mph. David was throwing 150g Blizzard Bosses but decided to try the 134g Boss instead. And the rest is history.

read more: http://www.innovadiscs.com/home/492-david-wiggins-jr-sets-new-distance-record-with-blizzard-champion-boss.html


27 responses to “World Record Disc Golf Throw – David Wiggins Jr.”

  1. PkwyDrive13 says:

    Wouldn't have been a record if you didn't have a 30+mph tailwind

  2. Sir Megallot says:

    sorry wind is just a factor for longer distance. next time winds are 50 mph the record will be broken, it's not "record throw with no wind" how could you ever measure that

  3. dusty way says:

    My average throw is about 370 give or take 20 or 30 my furthest is about 400 but this is kinda cheating hes got like a 30 mph tailwind and just throwing them up and letting the wind take them hell imma strap mine to a kite.

  4. Can't see anything. Awful video innova. How about advancing disc golf since it was much more popular around 2000-2005.

  5. K Dilkington says:

    I can throw it 6 miles on the moon.

  6. It should be the average of the distance with the tailwind and INTO the wind.

  7. 561Juancho says:

    oh fucking come on!! do that shit in a real long range no wind with cement pad with FT sighs in the ground.
    no in the middle of no where

  8. Nate Reiners says:

    It's weird how high he's throwing them. Normally that takes distance off of my drive.

  9. I'm confused… I thought blizzard and champion were the types of plastic. How can it be both? Someone please tell me if I'm wrong, I could be misinformed.

  10. DEETEEOHBEE says:

    I found one of these in a creek today.

  11. joeygen7 says:

    i have a champion blizzard boss and if anyone can tell me how to throw it accurately/effectively thatd be great lol

  12. I, personally, use a Sidearm/Forehand throw. With that, (using some middle-of-the-line distance driver), I can squeeze in about 550 in good conditions. I've gotta say, as a 15 year old, with only one Disc, going Disc golfing once a week at best, I'm fairly impressed with myself.

    But honestly, props to this guy. I realize the record is broken by Simon Lizotte, but it takes some serious technique to get that kind of distance.

  13. hey guys! i just created this channel!  At this moment i have not uploaded but be expecting at least three videos a week starting soon!  I will be doing in the bags, disc reviews, and a whole lot more! It would be greatly appreciated if you checked me out sometime! Thanks!

  14. So, my question is, why would anyone give two shits about this?

  15. Wind, no wind…straight line, measuring tapes,…man you guys really get into this. I'm obviously not as informed as you all seem to be but I must say that I'm still impressed. It's FAR better than I could do! Enjoyed watching it and would encourage you others to post your own throws. If you can do better (and perhaps you really can), I'd rather see it than hear how you'd do it. No offense intended. I'd honestly enjoy seeing how you do it.

  16. This is no longer the world record. Simon Lizotte threw one 863ft back in october

  17. 14 mph wind my ass… i know wind been around it my whole life camera audio, sports and other variables PROVE its constantly 20+ gust? lol dam near category 1 tornado 🙂 lol

  18. haloz says:

    This cheater, he there it at below sea level, no humidity, and no wind force.

  19. Peter mercil says:

    These comments make my brain hurt. No, this doesn't look anything like a controlled golf shot, and its not supposed to.

    Dave can throw golf shots in excess of 600 feet, I've seen it in person. These kind of competitions are for fun/records/bragging rights.

    There are maybe 5 people in the world with the ability to throw that far in the same conditions, stop hating

  20. Tolan T says:

    wow…shaky cam…there's an app for that….

  21. Tyler Ray says:

    But in a game, your throwing pad wont allow that much of a running start. still impressive though

  22. Now do it with accuracy.

    Also, 134g seems REALLY light.  It seems like it would just instantly turn over to the right…

  23. tquasa says:

    Does anyone know what this would equate to if he were throwing a javelin or baseball pitch?

  24. Schwing_T says:

    He's 16?? Damn looks way old haha

  25. I have a boss and I can only throw it about 250ft.

  26. tip for guy with the camera, stand behind the thrower so you can track the shot! such a intermediate shoot!

  27. Guy says:

    Whoever recorded this should be beaten to death with a stick

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