Wishon Golf’s New Bending Machine


This video is about Tom Wishon Golf Technology’s new golf club head bending machine. For added information about cutting-edge golf components, go online to www.wishongolf.com.


5 responses to “Wishon Golf’s New Bending Machine”

  1. The best Lie & Loft Bending machine on the market!

  2. Great video, but just one question. Will this machine handle left handed clubs?

  3. burlbark says:

    Perfect presentation, Thank You for your professionalism.

  4. rono8275 says:

    Sounds like you might have a cold or allergies.  Need a kleenex?

  5. Jon H. says:

    Thank you for the honest, respectful and detailed description.  This looks great and the prices seem reasonable.  Could this be configured to secure putters for bending?  Do you sell the bending bar as well?

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