Why Do I Hit My Irons Straight But Slice My Driver


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Why Do I Hit My Irons Straight But Slice My Driver with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark answers more questions this time about driving and how to understand why your golf driver slices more than your more lofted golf clubs.


45 responses to “Why Do I Hit My Irons Straight But Slice My Driver”

  1. Britt Butler says:

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  3. Marcus Hagey says:

    The first part I learned today. Tried everything to fix my slice and then looked at the club head. All the strikes were on the heel in a bad way.

  4. Jason Lewis says:

    Man, its like this video was made specifically for me!

  5. Denny Law says:

    All guess work when in fact he doesn't know ONE single thing about the guys swing but of course is an EXPERT on everything. people think if you speak with a accent you somehow have better golfing teaching abilities and nothing could be further from the truth. MAN these guys all LOVE to hear themselves talk even when they have nothing to really say and then feel so proud of themselves for being able to "bullshit" everyone on anything. I never feel proud of things like that.

  6. Tom Edwards says:

    MARK… SkySports keep saying 3 wood is easier to draw than driver – but your D-Plane chat here says less loft = more spin axis… So driver would be easier to draw…
    Do we just put this down to Monty being an idiot again ?

  7. Geoff Winn says:

    Nails it on the head. Grip and keeping the driver face closed on backswing has really helped my driving. I was just like the person who posted the question. Fine with irons but severe slices with the driver. Thanks again Mark.

  8. Hey mark, to add to this video I have an opposite problem ! my driver seems to hit my wanted target, on the other hand I cannot get my iron swing down I either hit it too fat or slice right . Please help me guys I truly love my iron game more than driver so any criticism will be appreciated . mark please help . ty

  9. David Young says:

    I had the same problem as the guy with the pull hook and slice too. Two things I would recommend.

    1. Your back swing direction is probably too far to the outside, as a more straighter backswing path will promote more of a slice with the downswing being more out to in. In reverse a backswing path more or too far to the inside will promote the hook with your downswing being severely in to out and most people try to compensate this with closing the club face (usually by rolling the arms or flipping the hands. Boom there goes your duck hook caused by the club fave being closed to your severe in to out swing path.)

    2. Your swinging the club way too fast for your acquired coordination, balance and mechanics. In other words you haven't gained the experience to effectively make a consistent strike with a higher club head speed. Slow it down and watch your accuracy, control, distance and consistency greatly improve.

  10. Mick Cullen says:

    Bro just a quick question I have used a regular shaft driver for ages I have recently bought a Taylor made r1 stiff shaft and haven't been hitting well I was hitting more consistent drive on regular shaft but alot of shots are you just hooks and fades will should I get a new shaft or is it something I'm doing ?

  11. i was mostly impressed with the way he put the ball on the tee at 1:08

  12. MrTanker10a says:

    I feel much better knowing that I am not alone dealing with this "exact" issue.

  13. Had this driver slice for years & it's only recently (touch wood) that things have improved resulting in longer straighter (with the odd pull – probably as I changed to a baseball grip as I was also losing my grip at the top) drives. I've kept my arms closer to the body especially the R elbow i.e. am better "connected" , have managed to have a fuller shoulder turn without swaying (keep left heel on the ground on backswing) and hit out to the right while opening the hips faster on the downswing & hitting vs a firm L leg i.e. again no swaying so you stay behind the ball Another way of thinking ala Freddie Couples was L shoulder under on b/s & R shoulder under on d/s. Hope this gives you food for thought.
    This wasn't all down to lessons – you somehow have to work out your own problems (U tube videos give you an understanding but you still need to see yourself on video to appreciate things)
    Archie – 18/3/15

  14. I had the exact same problem and realized that the problem was in the grip – not the way the club lay in my hands, but the grip pressure. Try this – swing your driver to the impact position, stop and loosen the grip – you'll see that the club face squares up and conversely, if you tighten the grip, it opens up. So my solution to the problem, hold your driver (and other clubs) loose at say 3/10. You don't have this problem with the irons because you know the yardage and are not trying to bomb them. Whereas with the driver you do! Hope this helps 🙂

  15. why does this normally happen to me.  But at the moment I have doing the reverse.  Driver is amazing but my short irons are slicing?

  16. Powerslayer says:

    What you may be able to do if you slice your driver but hit iron shots good is one simple thing. For me, I choked down my grip about an inch and a half and tried swinging with more of a vertical swing instead of holding longer and trying to get as much of a twist mid swing. Burning these few inches in your grip and swinging vertically WILL HELP YOUR SLICE! Instantly, you'll know it works and will never wanna change your driver grip again

  17. I'm the opposite i hit my driver and slice my irons any help

  18. 40Rouge says:

    This problem was the thorn in my side the 1st year of learning the game. Okay irons, but terrible slicing or pushed driver. I never had any lessons. One day at the range, an elderly man was watching me and he fixed me up quick. He had me stengthen the grip, stand a little further away, and brush about 8 inches of grass behind the ball as the driver pulls back to encourage a flatter swing plane. That got me straightened out.

  19. The answer to this question is always that his path is cutting the ball. If he is consistent with his iron then his face control is not an issue. A longer club ball forward in stance and he is cutting it without even know. Even if he thinks he is coming from the inside he is still cutting it. This problem is always path

  20. Your hitting down on it. Same fault I had . 2 things to do. Make sure you stay behind the ball and imagine a nail sticking out of the ball just below center now stay behind and hit that nail into the ball with the thought of it coming out of other end of ball from just above centre.

  21. Funny how this is one of his most watched videos, we've all been there! haha

  22. lol im 5 months old and can hit it 300 yards, lets skip those okay.

  23. Rob Logan says:

    Hi Mark, love your videos. One tip that I can say has helped me not only with slice, but also helped me get much more distance is one I got from watching Michael Breed. Address the ball so that it's more towards the toe. This forces you to have to reach a little to hit the ball in the center, which forces you to have to swing more inside out.

  24. dakota says:

    Commented on your video hope it helps some pretty basic stuff, Good Luck.

  25. Mason Tan says:

    Dear Mark,
    I have a problem with my driver on the distant. I am hit solid and straight but I can never hit it far. Only manage to achieve 170 to 190 yds. Please take a look at my video clip and hope you can advice. youtube.com/watch?v=0_nFgJHWrcU

  26. could u look at my channel plz mark

  27. I've paid my dues on this topic. For me it started changing when I tried to hit my right leg on the downswing and stopped cupping my left wrist. In a spinning back fist (think taikwondo) you might give your wrist a snap, but this won't do anything positive for a driver swing, unless you're fighting 60mph right to left winds.

  28. When I try holding lag in my down swing I seem to stop rotating and push the ball straight right and my chest is pointing in that direction with the driver if I rotate and don't think about lag I get through the ball chest facing target have you a drill so I can rotate and have lag vic

  29. Percy Galiga says:

    I had this exact same problem as well but the remedy is the opposite. With my swing I was actually getting stuck because my hands were too close to my body so when I drove with my hips, my arms got stuck which lead to unconsiously flipping through impact (slow mo swing dicovery) because the driver was so long, I could never square the clubface which lead to those massive slices and when I did try to concsiously flip through impact (thinking it would square the face) I pullhook instead.

  30. mangus1975 says:

    Brilliant, sheer brilliant. Easy to understand easy to follow and very easy to do. Thanks mark

  31. looking for help with my swing, anyone willing to check it out just go to my channel

  32. Dissco Burr says:

    6 months later, I'm pretty much the opposite. I actually changed to a scotty cameron, and I average about 27 putts per round, but I am having trouble keeping my swing consistent. Whatever, because I'm shooting high 70s on average now ;).

  33. ohblondi says:

    Try a bigger grip. Also, part of your problem could be your set up. Make sure your lines i.e. where the club is aiming and where your feet are aiming are parallel. Or even the way you stand over the ball. I used to be much more bent over and was an awful putter. Had three three-putts in one round of nine. However, I have become much more upright with my putting stroke and have been a much more consistent putter even having rounds of 11 putts for 9. So just experiment. Good luck

  34. whered u get the sweater

  35. GrandmasterN says:

    Perhaps its right there where the divider in the bag is, and it might scratch the shaft. I have had that problem myself once with an old bag. So I applied a sticker right there to not damage the shaft.

  36. Frankie J says:

    How did I get from skydiving to this shite…

  37. Benjamin Anderson is right. I had this problem with the flex and stiff shafts.

  38. It may also be worth checking that the shafts match in both the irons and driver. If one is stiffer than the other (or not as stiff) then that may also contribute, my irons have an all round stiffer shaft than my driver (driver has more tip flex) and my irons are easier to control.

  39. I'm 14 and i have this problem, so this is a bit hard to understand with the face and things but i have booked a lesson with the pro at our local course for thursday so hopefully will get it straighter!

  40. Iggy Iggles says:

    Don't worry about release – the timing is MUCH too intricate for any human to consciously control. It just happens when you swing, and if you find you're "blocking" your shots (i.e. the face remains open at impact), then you should try different grips (stronger or weaker, interlocking or overlapping) or try a different sized grip.

  41. Kyle Summers says:

    Is that a Bob Vokey wedge in your hand for the outro?

  42. Knightlore10 says:

    Is it necessary to feel you are releasing the driver more at impact than you do with irons or should the swings feel the same? Generally I hit my irons straight but I often slice my drives and feel that the club face remained open through impact.

  43. Alex F says:

    Nice looking driver!

  44. bennythoms says:

    Mark, my immediate thought when I saw the question was d plane related and how the path needs to be more from the inside with a driver and slightly outside in with an iron in order to hit a ball straight. I like that you mentioned the d plane early in this tip, and the other things you mention are certainly important, but a quick explanation of how the path of the 2 swings (irons vs. driver) may be very helpful to this guy. I love your tips! Keep up the good stuff!

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