WHO IS THE BEST PIRATE?!? | Golf It (ft. Gorilla & Dracula)


It’s time to find out which one of us is the best pirate! Find out in my new Golf It video!
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44 responses to “WHO IS THE BEST PIRATE?!? | Golf It (ft. Gorilla & Dracula)”

  1. Play dead by daylight

  2. Ur amazing at golf bryce

  3. FireFuze says:

    Wut happen too your face looks wierd

  4. xavier copas says:

    Australia is best country!!!!!!

  5. CM PAJAKS says:

    Let's watch Bryce win and swag in last


  7. Eric Mullins says:

    Gorilla pirate voice

  8. Tyra Murphy says:

    can bryce go one mini golf video without saying 'i see, i understand now' the world may never know

  9. Gorilla had me laughing like hell at the last hole.

  10. Reid Morgan says:

    Almost 21 minutes was about golf. 30 seconds was about Cinnamon Toast Crunch

  11. Romeo Red says:

    Bryce… you missed a PERFECT opportunity to play against jacksepticeye and rub it in his face that even his namesake fans are making art of you instead of him!!!

  12. CatGirl82 DS says:

    Thank you Bryce for showing me that all of us can make a difference

  13. Zac Rivett says:

    Vids are so cringeworthy

  14. tbh I think you look a little like Bijuu Mike XD

  15. Darren090909 says:

    Bryce can you please play more Dead by Daylight please especially since there's a new killer and map

  16. Bryce is growing a beard huh….. Noice

  17. sigh I love how every non-Australian assumes Australia is a place of danger and robotic super humans. So amusing.

  18. bryce get the new dead by daylight dlc

  19. Cryptical says:


  20. Adolf Hitler says:

    Killing myself is something I intend

    Don't take this seriously if you're triggered get over it

  21. Puck The Elf says:

    Great video Bryce 😀

  22. Kanisberry says:

    Please play Dream Daddy.. its such a good game and I'd love to see you play it ovo

  23. Hey Bryce, you should get satt in on mini golf also

  24. i just cant stop laughing on the last round xD

  25. Bryce is confused allot

  26. DragonFox84 says:

    i never liked golf it game but i like golf with friends and tower unite bit better. they each have something better or unique over the others. still, i love watching people play it.

  27. It's space to jump it's from Ritz

  28. Any way there's jumping but you have to turn it on you can do it as many times as you want in the air

  29. Any way there's jumping but you have to turn it on you can do it as many times as you want in the air

  30. CART MAN says:

    im the best pirate

  31. play more rocket leage

  32. idkbrittt says:

    i think im still the best pirate bc i have boobs xD

  33. NeoNo0dle says:

    Since Australia was used like a Prison Island around the time of the "Golden Age of Piracy" its highly likely that many of the convicts there were Pirates before so i guess you could say australian Pirates were a thing

  34. Dizzy D says:

    Who can not get enough of this??? 3 friends chillin on the beach playing mini golf and one of the balls has a skull on top of it and bats trailing behind it! I LUV it!! KEEP EM COMING !

  35. Please keep playing golf and uno with gorilla and dracula!! 😁

  36. I think Bryce looked more nice without the glasses no offense Bryce sry just being onest

  37. G'day Bryce. Just to let you know, us Aussies don't actually call them "shrimp". We call them "prawns".

  38. Claire C says:

    Bryce is literally inner seananners when it comes to golf and prophunt.

  39. Jace Harris says:

    What is up glasses

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