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http://internetgolfprofessional.com/ What driver should you be using and with what loft. Watch Mark Crossfield the InrernetGolfProfessional talk about what driver loft will help you get the most distance from your driving. Mark’s free video golf lessons are easy to understand and will help all levels of golfers perform to their best.


24 responses to “What Driver Loft Should I Use | Response”

  1. Ted Tracey says:

    great info, thanks!

  2. onelove says:

    Mark I'm getting a new Titleist D2 driver (I think I'll wait for the 2016 model). This video answered my loft question perfectly (10.5 degree for me). Now I need to know how to select a shaft. Thanks again Mark.

  3. You shed some light on the why or why not for the loft.

  4. Thanks for a great, easy to understand explanation of loft. Love your videos.

  5. I think angle of attack is a big factor here. There are plenty of tour players with high swing speeds playing 10.5* drivers. If your hands are more forward at impact, you'll need more loft and vice versa.

    Swing speed really has nothing to do with which loft suits a player.

  6. xSirDingo says:

    Try teeing the ball slightly lower

  7. Very helpful, thanks! I'll stay with my 10.5 and work on swing technique.

  8. cgasucks says:

    Of course there's a relationship…how old are you? 9???

  9. cman12ful says:

    I am 16 years old. I have a 10.5 degree taylormade burner 2.0 with the stiff shaft. My swing speed is around 95 according to dicks sporting goods. My driver launches very high and I'm just wondering if I should invest into a lower loft or just work around the one I have now

  10. I hit a super loft (16 degree) cleveland hibore XL. Do you think this causes for a decrease in distance if i have a pretty good swing speed?

  11. UK Golf Pro says:

    that would be due to the old technology as you are seeing others hit past you but with more frequent technology clubs even if its the next step up from your r7. you have to remember they are 4/5 years old now and you wont get your optimum performance out of it

  12. Matt March says:

    I have a 9 degree Taylormade r7 and a very high swingspeed but as hard as I hit the ball I don't feel like I get enough distance

  13. i use a talormade burner 09 10.5 and i have a swing speed of 116 mph and still hit the ball on about a 45 degree angle its not that hard

  14. theshmobbob says:

    the problem i have with this video is that sometimes when you hit down on the ball on your drives you can tend to push the ball higher into the air and sometimes i higher loft will actually keep the flight lower….. i went from a 9 to 9.5 and it has helped me hit it lower with lower spin rate

  15. hello i have a taylormade r7 superquard 9.5 degree no matter how i tee up i get a lot of of hight it a stif shaft .. my 3 wood is a nike 13 degree doesnt go as high its reguler shaft can the shaft make this happen as the driver is the only stiff shaft in my bag thank you..

  16. JuliusJueLi says:

    great vid. I am going to buy one 9.5 driver with stiff flex although my swing speed is not that fast. With the new driver, I will have the driving force to work hard on the swing speed

  17. @battlecat24 trackman believes you should set up so you hit the ball at the bottom of the swing (least ideal) to just at the onset of the upswing (ideal) with the modern driver. high launch and low spin are best achieved by hitting on the upswing. setting up like an iron and swinging a driver, you'd be apt to get a low launch and high spin balloon because of the downward attack. something to note, though: if you're loading the shaft well, the shaft bows at the bottom. that bow makes upswing

  18. Mark Collins says:

    Hi Mark, I forgot to mention the previous driver i had had a firm shaft with 10.5 loft… but the mizuno mx-560 i bought recently has stiff shaft and 9.5 loft. do you think the shaft caused me loss of distance or is it the loft? Do you think i should change it for a 10.5 mizuno mx-700 stiff shaft?

  19. FairwayJack says:

    You are a wealth of info..thx

  20. Hey Mark,
    I bought an old 60* wedge from my golf course for $10 just to see what they where like and i loved all the different shots i could hit. So im looking into buying a new one but im not sure what bounce to get and i was hoping you could do a video about that maybe?
    cheers – Jack

  21. I'm a 12 handicapper and I have a nuke dymo 9.5 degree driver. My swing speed averages out at 109 mph. my drives always go way to high which is loosing me distance. 260yds if I'm lucky. Would you recommend going down to a 8 or a 8.5 degree loft??

  22. Mark Collins says:

    Thanks for the video response Mark

  23. Sam Crampton says:

    The spin rate will also affect the trajectory. Some people attack the people with a shallow angle of attack whilst others come down steeply on the back of the ball. The latter will obviously generate greater spin which would enable you to get away with a lower loft as the ball has a lot of spin to compensate for the lower loft.

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