Vijay Singh Hole In One GOLF MASTERS Skip Water Par 3 ACE ORIGINAL SHOT


Vijay Singh 2009 MASTERS- April 07, Augusta National Golf Course, hole 16 (170 yard Par 3 Redbud) Original Commentary and footage Hole in One Skipping Practice round – Skip Competition Over Water Ball ACE Hole IN ONE Best Shot


31 responses to “Vijay Singh Hole In One GOLF MASTERS Skip Water Par 3 ACE ORIGINAL SHOT”

  1. and nothing was exciting like this ever again. and golf was cancelled………oh wait, the PGA is supported by million billionaires. nvm

  2. Not an original vid with commentation. It's visually shown.

  3. Peter Stone says:


  4. jesapizza says:

    Talk about right place at right time. Excellent work Mr Crifasi.

  5. Appo47 says:

    I liked the part when the white pixel fell down the gray pixel

  6. Pedro Gomes says:

    I play gold like this

  7. if you golfers could get a hole in one on every shot, i would watch golf more often

  8. bordenwesley says:

    It was actually a potato.

  9. pjay213 says:

    "I don't like that guy, he didn't swing his fist and smile." What a joke. Vijay Singh has been money leader 3 out of the last 10 years. I don't think he has to do jackshit for you. This was back when Phil and his wife were swingers.

  10. pjay213 says:

    Phil and his wife were swingers before her cancer!

  11. pjay213 says:

    Pathetic. Came from Poverty to being really the only player to be # 1 over Tiger Woods in prime years for Woods. Selfish? Ask players why he helps them more then the Woods and Phils! Most bigoted asshole who ever picked up a golf club? I'm pretty sure that goes to a white guy, some where. Sexist? He didn't want a chick to not have to qualify the same as guys have to do. Sexist is making it different for the 2.

  12. pjay213 says:

    He's near 50. He won the fedex cup at like 46, which is the age Jack Nicklaus won his last Major. He did get a top 10 at the last Major.

  13. LigniteVein says:

    Recorded with a toaster…

  14. I wonder what bugs bunny wanted Vijay for.

  15. Matt Crider says:

    One of the greatest golf shots of all time…he skipped that bitch like 4 times! Unreal!

  16. Well you have a point but its slighty incorrect..you see i dont have an xbox or PS3..butmy father in law has a Wii….and only 1 week ago i got a hole in one…so nurrrr…lol

  17. woodland1111 says:

    that's great stuff

  18. cts12321 says:

    That's crazy I was there that year!!!

  19. Devon Walker says:

    How in the world is chess more existing than golf explain that to me @djrockerbones

  20. logos2600 says:

    No lower quality video available?

  21. kingstaff4 says:

    djrockerbones, you've never picked up a club in your life, so please stop lying to yourself and everyone else and shut your filthy trap.

  22. Djeocker…! Pitch and put don't count my friend…!

  23. @jlash259 Ive played gold about 10 times and got 4 hole in ones…but i find the game boring and cant see the point…its to easy..id rather play chess.

  24. jlash259 says:

    @djrockerbones Think you can do that?

  25. Wow he hit a little ball with a stick and it went in a hole. And everyone went crazy. I'm just sitting scratching my head. Lol

  26. notice how the fairway is water O.o

  27. Wook5ter says:

    @juniorhall13 AUGUSTA is in the USA!!

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