Here is a drill used by the world’s best putter Jordan Spieth. Use this to improve your putting stroke.


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  1. Nice one thanks champ I'll give it a shot

  2. lovetogolf says:

    Great lesson, thanks for your time!

  3. Very good drill. Thank you 🙂

  4. That is a nice putter!

  5. This is a great putting drill. I am not usually confident on these length of putts, the next time I am practising my putting I will definitely use this method. I will then see where my stroke is not working and immediately correct it.

  6. dave protaz says:

    why is every single guy teaching golf on YouTube from England! very hard to understand

  7. @peterfinchgolf top chap!

  8. Allen Shen says:

    what puttter are you using?

  9. Sasha Gray says:

    Great drill. thank you

  10. What kind of those shoes are those?? Sorry got distracted by the shoes,,, cool retro look… great drill can use it anywhere… I prefer the hall way with a glass as the cup.

  11. obviously didn't work for you

  12. Captain Ron says:

    I've been using a similar drill using a tape measure, putting balls starting from 3 feet and extending outward in 1 foot increments until I miss, in which case I start again at 3 feet. It is amazing to see how many balls you can hole out using this approach. Great for confidence. So far, my best is 12 feet.

    It helped me discover that I consistently pull my putts – not due to club-head path but from hand and/or arm action.

  13. In the video that has Jordan in he has two tees between the putter and the stick would that effect this drill

  14. Ok det vil jeg gerne lærer

  15. wold it help heting driver strat

  16. Devrim Kucuk says:

    Great help, I have just bought my alignment sticks and already tried this. And amazing improvement after a couple of practice. Appreciated.

  17. Jack Cooper says:

    Very interesting. Love it and I think t will help me. Thank you.

  18. pmata814 says:

    my eyes are on the ball the whole time. So I can't see what my club is doing on the back swing. I can check it on the follow through (where it ended up) but am I doing something wrong? Should I be focusing on the putter head as I take it back? I feel like I'm going to mishit the ball if I do.

  19. Ryan Head says:

    Peter, after seeing this drill, it seems to be for more of the 'straight back straight forward' type of stroke. Do you think that's inherently better than the 'arc' type stoke or 'inside then down the line' stroke? Anyway, thanks for the videos!

  20. Martin says:

    Can you lay a club instead of a alignment stick because I don´t have one?

  21. Have you tried the Ping app Pete? It seems like it's a putting practice thing that you use with the Apple Watch.

  22. thanks for the great putting drills pete!!!!!

  23. Looks interesting, will give it a try the next time I practice putting.

  24. Awesome Drill Thx lots !!
    & My Coach as change my putter and my grips
    to Jordan Spieth Grips , it Feel so much better !! Which grips do you like and why ! and how i you like your new putter !!

  25. J-W Beekmans says:

    Thx!! Great tip!! 1000 putts isn't my thing, but this will work!

  26. Andy Titcomb says:

    These are the tips I can understand and afford. Thanks Pete! I just need you to come to San Diego to help with my driver. Damn thing has a mind of its own

  27. Moer Golf says:

    I guess you could use either side of the alignment stick but I mainly see Jordan using it from the inside… Meaning when he lines up to the alignment stick, the heel of the putter is closest to it. That's how I do this drill and love it because it keeps my putter going "strait back and strait through"

  28. mike lewis says:

    putting and chipping video's have helped me immensely, thanks!

  29. Barry Hall says:

    Didn't think the Canadian, Moe Norman hit a 1000 full golf shots every day to improve his ball striking?
    He could still do it when he was old – phenomenal!

  30. chris powell says:

    literally loving these videos. keep up the hard work!

  31. pete is liking jordan as much as rick does lol

  32. Vatsal Singh says:

    Pete we would love it if you can do a video on reading the Greens ! Thank you ! Keep em coming ! 🙂

  33. Nathan Moore says:

    5 minutes to set up Pete??? Is that including driving to the course, going to the locker room to change your shoes, getting your trolley out the trolley shed, walking to the putting green and THEN putting the alignment stick down?? If not you are definitely doing something wrong mate!

  34. Start with the basics for is beginners lol

  35. Adam Tindill says:

    Great video Pete. Really good to go into a bit more detail after your mammoth speith putting session. Keep the practise tips coming

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