uro club.dv


The first golf club you can pee in . The URO-Club was designed , so you can play golf and pee when you
need to. Most golf courses don’t have restrooms on the playing field


34 responses to “uro club.dv”

  1. Chris -0 says:

    they should make a high rise version to collect my cum when im jacking off on the course

  2. Dimas Maniac says:

    Lord Pewds Send me here….

  3. Can you shit in it too?

  4. Wow now that's the most retarded thing I've ever seen, just pee anywhere in the bush like WTF?? Is this serious, a golf course is one of the best place to find tons of spot to pee, what a dumb thing that is, waste of space

  5. I bought one of those bad boys back in 05

  6. SMG72 says:

    What if the thing fills up?

  7. What If He Needs To Take A Shit….????

  8. Does The Golf Club Run Only On Old Mans Urine…????

  9. OK, well, they don't make any mention of how being hollow and occasionally filled with liquid affects the club's performance as a club. Yeah, they do show it being used as one, but wouldn't finding a bathroom be a lot easier than explaining to your friends why your club broke and showered them with piss?

  10. Justin H says:

    I feel like this would be better you used in some sex fetish video on pornhub, fucking strap on putter

  11. Thumbs up if you came from shark tank

  12. I actually thought vat19 made this 😂😂😂

  13. I'm so sure other golfers will believe you're just checking out your putt.

  14. Team Nexus says:

    WOW WEE I bought this product to go golfin not knowing that I could go number 1 in it perfect size perfect shape I also have been thinking about trying number 2 see my luck. Either way I recommend it to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ahreta says:

    That's fucking disgusting, why would anyone even want to use it?

  16. Finally, and I can poop in the second URO club

  17. The PissPutter is a better name. l would overflow that thing…also, does one recap it or immediately spill the warm contents onto the pristine green?

  18. Don Ireland says:

    this is pathetically discussing. if I didn't have sense enough to go before, or control enough to hold it, I would quit playing.

  19. Dakota Webb says:

    I would rather go in the bush then use that

  20. No more embarrassing moments in the bush? I´ve pissed myself laughing.
    Yeah, a cloth on your weenie avoids embarrassing moments in the bush.
    Creepy to say I can intimately imagine the sound of the golf club, filled with piss. 
    Phantastic commerical!

  21. JPSGaming says:

    It sounds like jacks films at the beginning

  22. It really does look like a regular golf club with a huge diameter shaft….for your shaft. 

  23. Like to see how a woman uses it

  24. LordHEF says:

    2 for $74.92… WHAT a STEAL!!

  25. Mike Lou says:

    Pee Off when you Tee Off ™

  26. Wtf who ever made this is retarded I'd rather buy a hoe for 49$ then to piss in a golf club

  27. Don Cowger says:

    If embarrassing moments in "the bush" is your problem..then maybe golf isn't for you

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