Understand your back swing to improve your down swing


As a PGA Teaching Professional, I have been studying the golf swing since 1997 when I gave my very first golf lessons. However, I did coach my high school golf team while I was playing collegiate golf at Clarion University of PA. Since then, I’ve been to hundreds of PGA and LPGA tournaments and have studied what the best players in the world are working on at the practice range before their tournament days begin.

As I teach golf on a daily basis, I see golfers rushing the back swing and pick the club up too quickly. Often, to improve the transition to the down swing, you must first take the time to encourage a really good back swing. The average tour player golf swing takes about 1.2 seconds. The average length of the back is about an 8th of a second. If you look at a golf swing in that manner, you’ll realize that the down swing happens extremely fast. To me, that the reason why the back swing must take it’s time and you must do a good job of setting the club at the top.

After you’ve taken time to get a sound grip on the club and have a good set-up, it’s time to take the club away from the ball. To get the most out of your swing, you must try to create a smooth and wide take away. All too often, golfers roll the wrist or lift the club upward way to fast. The hands, arms, shoulders and chest must move together as the club is working away from the ball. The arms must swing as the shoulders and chest turn. If the wrist hinge too quickly and the elbows of your arms break, then you’ll pick the club up too abruptly. Stay calm, quiet and relaxed as you feel the club head swing away from your body and focus on staying wide. Your hands and wrists will naturally load the club into a hinge position at the top of your swing.

Remember, every golfer is different, so if you are unsure of what you are feeling, please don’t hesitate to consult your local PGA Teaching Professional. You’ll probably want to see your swing on video, because if you see it, it will be easier to understand your back swing and will also influence a better down swing.

A few things to remember when practicing your back swing:
• Swing your hands & arms while turning your shoulders & chest
• Feel like the club head is as far away from your body as possible
• Don’t hinge your wrist too quickly
• Be sure you are not swaying off the ball as you create your width
• Watch the best players in the world do this move

If you are in the Raleigh / Durham area and would like to understand your back swing better, please contact me through his website at: www.grexagolf.com

All the best in golf,

Greg Greksa
PGA Professional
Director of Instruction
Grexa Golf Raleigh
Cleveland / Srixon Staff


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