Tuning the Putting Stroke; #1 Most Popular Golf Teacher on You Tube Shawn Clement


http//:www.shawnclementgolf.com Shawn Clement, Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre and top 25 CPGA Teaching Professional as rated by Score Golf Magazine, shows you how to fine tune your putting stroke to allow you to perform better on course;


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  1. GolfNaples says:

    Awesome Video Shawn! I had trouble freezing over my putts, this video helps 100% Thank you!

  2. Don Kirk says:

    Another great Shawn Clement video. This guy is the best. However, because the trail hand most often is on the handle below the lead hand, this makes the trail shoulder drop just a bit lower than the lead shoulder, as we can see from Shawn's caddie view. With the trail hand lower in the grip, the bottom of the arc actually becomes slightly behind the sternum, not at the sternum middle. The cross-handed grip (Jordan Speith, among others) brings the bottom of the putter arc back toward the sternum middle, as does Shawn's tip to lean the body weight slightly left during the address. Since most of us putt with a grip that has the trailing hand below the lead hand, we right-handers have a tendency to 'push' the putt toward the right more often than 'pulling' the putt to the left. This common trail-hand-lower putter grip helps explain why we right-handers naturally have more ease in making a draw putt and less success in making a fade putt.

  3. Greg Riker says:

    Great video, something that worked for me that he didn't explain was to let your head move with the lats pecs and shoulders without consciously moving it on purpose. It's pinpoint

  4. Tom Reese says:

    Shawn,  you're the greatest!  I am a single handicap and still struggle with my putting.  Your description of which muscles to use in the stroke and how not to become static while keeping the "Y" intact seems really helps a lot.  I will report back once I use it on the course.  Your other video about coming up short just watching the hole will also help a lot with this type of stroke.  I was a basketball player and I totally relate to your suggestion.

  5. P SMITH says:

    Hi Shawn – Wonder why you said 'Armpits Connected' because I have assumed (incorrectly) that you mean't connecting them close to the pecs?

  6. hi Shaun,Andy from England UK just want to say that since i have been watching your videos and subscribing to Wisdom in golf my game has changed for the best, your putting lessons are awesome i hole more putts now than i ever have .keep up the good work all the best Andy

  7. Jason Tobar says:

    Super tips !!! Thanks !!!

  8. gmonkey808 says:

    Hi Shawn, is the putter square at your sternum if you have right hand lower on the grip than left? You have a very even grip on the putter of the capital Y shape. So understanding what you do about the putter curve should I play the ball a bit forward?

  9. mavallarino says:

    Hi, when you say "avg." how many rounds are you including in the calculation and how may holes are > 2 putts?

  10. James Pian says:

    If anchoring the putter was such an advantage wouldn't everyone be doing it?

  11. yep; there is no rule against pre setting the backswing…Shawn

  12. pringy MK says:

    Hi Shawn – I've just discovered a putting style which works very well for short putts (up to max 6 feet), but it might be illegal. Basically, there's no backstroke. I place the putter about a minimum 3 inches or a maximum 5-6 inches behind the ball, and follow through with a clean strike – single contact strike. "USGA golf rules 14-1. Ball to be Fairly Struck At: The ball must be fairly struck at with the head of the club and must not be pushed, scraped or spooned." Do you think this is legal?

  13. I have been using plumb bobbing for years. I see nothing wrong at all with it. Ben Crenshaw used it and was one of the greatest putters on tour. I still use it and have very good results with it!!

  14. Roger Sutton says:

    Hi Shawn, Just listened to your videos this winter. One question I have. Do you have an opinion on which S. Cameron detour putter is most effective. The original (which I believe you have) with the longer tail or the 2 / 2.5 style? Can't find any to look at or try. Would have to buy on line.

  15. I like the way you use the frindge to highlight your natural back and through arch..

  16. Allen Balla says:

    Hi Shawn,
    Thank you for all your help. I find I tend to put better with a heavier putter around 360 gr. Newport style do you have thoughts on putter head weights? You might talk a little about toe hang and face balanced. For those who go out shopping. We but the putter in the store that sinks puts the problem is it sunk puts that day and that day only!

  17. Hey Jon; exactly! As long as your body is in a balanced posture and the arm-club unit is hanging in balance from the shoulders, all you need to do is allow the momentum of your stroke to swing back and through in the direction you want the ball to go; like tossing a soft ball or a horse shoe, which are also tossed on an arc, there is no manipulation required! Simply let the putt go!

  18. Jon Pappas says:

    Shawn – What are your issues with the Learning Curve/Arc style ala Utley? Is it that, if you just focus on using perpetual momentum, you don't have think either arc or straight-back like Pelz?

    I took Pelz's 1-day clinic. Didn't help my putting. Been using Utley's method for a year, and I have more feel, but still ave. 32 putts.


  19. Hey laceymania! I don't plumb bob as it is not really accurate with the putters most people use; if you want the best ways to find the break, see "the putting zone" with Geoff Mangum; he has developed some fantastic ways to aim the putter, read the greens, and find the right speed for your putts; check out his website and get his e-book; Shawn

  20. It is on my list! Now I have to get the time…:) This september I should get enough reprieve to get out there and do a couple for you guys!

  21. Get it on Ebay! One of my students got it cheaper than $200.00 which was better than cost!

  22. Parizeau21 says:

    I don't have the 999.79$ required to pay for that sexy putter 🙁

  23. Hey Crazymama! Have a look at my "golf pro lesson putt grip" video and you will see that your interlocking grip is not too far away from the double overlapping grip that many PGA tour players use; Thanks for the question! Shawn

  24. Hey Alex; Sorry for the delay!
    Go see a reputable fitter who is also a PGA instructor; he will tell you; Shawn

  25. Hey James;
    As you will see from the other putting videos I have, the putter and arms as one unit will find it's own arc once you are in a solid posture with the arm-putter unit hanging from the shoulder sockets; see the "Golf Pro lesson Perpetually putting" video for fine tuning; eyes over the ball is very secondary to posture and balance; once the line is established, you do not want to try to keep the putter on line; you let it ride the line with momentum and let momentum track it; the best!

  26. Hi Shawn, enjoy your vid's. Got a putting question. Straight line vs Arc putting. On the arc there will only be one small point on the arc where the putter is square to the target, whereas straight line putting it's always straight, so what's the advantage of one over the other, also do you try and keep your eyes over the ball whichever way you use.



  27. Alex Ly says:

    ok i got a question when putting where suppose to be over the ball but when i putt and stand over the ball it feels wierd and that my putter is to long … but when i go back to my original style of putting where da toe is like pointing up it feels fine…. well im jux wondering should i cut my putter down ?

  28. Yes; you want to have the very same posture as the "Posture and Balance" video with the arms and putter hanging in balance below the shoulders; same posture as the chipping in the "Nike Heavy Gloves" part 2 video…
    Thanks for the comment! Shawn

  29. hfaceyjr says:

    Working on my putting here in the winter in Ohio, my question is I am trying to unlearn the right over the ball stance when putting, my knees should be slightly bent in address? in the method you are showing and letting my arms hang. Also very good tips on all your vids, I almost feel like stealing with all the info I have gained, THANKS again.

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