Top Five Disc Golf ACE Shots


A collection of the top 5 disc golf ACE shots on the internet in under 3 minutes.

# 5 Nate Sexton

# 4 Avery Jenkins

# 3 David Feldberg

# 2 Seppo Paju

1 # Nikko Locastro


35 responses to “Top Five Disc Golf ACE Shots”

  1. Fuck this song, I fucking hate it. Somehow I have heard it a million times.

  2. Aaron S says:

    Good video. Keep it up bud

  3. awful music and video quality

  4. thumbs down for some of the lamest music ever

  5. Zach Suppan says:

    i think seppos was #1 ever

  6. Jeff Spicoli says:

    I like the one with the stoned dude in the woods. Not shown here. You'll know when you find it.

  7. killer rgm says:

    why not call it top 5 in under two minutes?

  8. I've celebrated more for getting a strike in bowling and they're like, "Yeah, whatever. Pretty cool, huh?" Except for Nikko. He was pretty stoked.

  9. Elaine H says:

    Ah man!  Someday!

  10. Corey Wooten says:

    If you cutout the shitty music and intro it COULD have been 'in under 2 minutes AND without shit music overlay'

  11. Lint licker says:

    I have aids now thanks to this video

  12. Shawn p says:

    Gotta love that feeling u get when u bang dem chains off the tee!

  13. Josh York says:

    What about Jeremy Koling's Breast Cancer Awareness ace? Anyway, I actually aced on January 11, 2011. That was my most special. Signed the disc 1.11.11. Pretty cool.

  14. gdelirium454 says:

    If I had a penny for every pixel in this video … I would have 15 pennies.

  15. Joel Catto says:

    No music would have been a better choice, have to hear the ching!

  16. Syfiewow says:

    was that not a mando for #5 ? he did not go through it so it shouldnt count?

  17. ash man says:

    Ching!  Nothing but net …

  18. FTW Frisbee says:

    Check out our shots!

  19. themattdaddy says:

    Great song douche bags!!

  20. Awesome to see my home town Dexter Lake Golf course in there

  21. i was lucky enough to get an ace on my birthday anyone else hit this mark?

  22. second best ace in this video was actually the longest disc golf ace in the world

  23. Jeff Spicoli says:

    I got my first ace today.   Woo Hoo

  24. Terrible video quality, excessive editing, and a shit choice of music. 

  25. joe shmoe says:

    Been playing disc golf for almost three years now and just got my first ace 07/21/14 at 5:35pm. Theirs nothing like hitting those chains from the pad. Its awesome.

  26. SpiderWaffle says:

    How far was that Nikko ace? was that to play in?

  27. drvn1 says:

    LOL Feel bad for the guy that decided to move with his chair @ 2:02.. Totally missed Nikko's ace ..

  28. Cody Payne says:

    Could you have picked a worse song for this video? These badasses don't need to be back up by fucking LORDE! 

  29. sage baldwin says:

    Awful choice in music. 

  30. Razist says:

    Thumb Down :26 seconds in music to much

  31. weigl1cj says:

    It could have been top 5 in under 2 minutes if you chopped off the BS at the beginnning.

  32. A. Lane says:

    I think the santa cruz one should be #1.   He was throwing over the ocean with a crazy wind and sunk it.  sooooo sick to see live

  33. Conor Q says:

    WOW! That #1 though.

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