Top 5 Algarve Golf Courses with Mark Crossfield Highlights – Out Of Bounds with YGT Rory


YGT Rory talks about his favourite golf courses in the Algarve in Portugal, as well some funny incidents from previous filming trips to the region with Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey.

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Rory is lucky to play around the world with Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey and has played the vast majority of the golf courses in the Algarve.

Watch to find out which courses he thinks you should check out if you’re looking to book an Algarve Golf Holiday.

To see more of Mark Crossfield’s golf videos as well as the vlogs featured in this video, click here: https://www.youtube.com/user/4golfonline

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24 responses to “Top 5 Algarve Golf Courses with Mark Crossfield Highlights – Out Of Bounds with YGT Rory”

  1. Tommy Unosen says:

    Rory your gold πŸ™‚ Love from Norway

  2. onelove says:

    Practice never makes perfect, it only makes improvement. Great job Rory. Very professional.

  3. TheCabaxi says:

    Another great vlog Rory, love the courses to

  4. Hi, Monte Rei is a must 1hr from vilamoura but well worth the trip, the service and greeting is just superb, and the golf course even better, and you receive a badge engraved with your name on it , bronze on your first visit,silver on your second visit but you only get two, no gold on your third visit. # Magnificent

  5. Brian Devitt says:

    Good choices Rory. Have played San Lorenzo and The Royal and lover both. Met Alan Sheared at the Royal too.

  6. Only played Palmares and Penina so firmly agree with your top 5 πŸ˜ƒ the views at Palmeres are stunning…also what happened to Gorilla?

  7. Adam Flynn says:

    cmon Ray do a vlog on ur course πŸ‘

  8. hey0mcfly says:

    mont rei is the greatest course i have ever played. gotta go there rory!

  9. jimbofatplum says:

    think your over doing the closeup quips mate, their getting a bit predictable now.

  10. grneal26 says:

    What ever happened to gorilla?

  11. golf is fun …always nice to see you in the vlog rory !

  12. Loving the vlogs πŸ‘Œ

  13. Jeff Smith says:

    Great vlog Rory love the four putt and then in the appartments by lockie

  14. Mark Sheehan says:

    The soup bowl apartment!! must be up there with Marks must viewed video!

  15. Jame Donovan says:

    5:00 Was that plane going up or down? Cheers…

  16. Ollie Dell says:

    Get the gorilla back

  17. carlasumm says:

    you have to visit Monte Rai amazing place

  18. Celeste Ryan says:

    Seen them all And on the last one in marts soup bowl mark was farting Funny Bill

  19. Loving the vlogs Rory what's your local course

  20. Howie Land says:

    Good stuff, Rory! Nice of you to memorialize Mark's first-ever plane sighting! πŸ™‚

  21. rocklaptop says:

    only played 2 courses on the Algarve, and both are in your top 5 Penina and Palmares, loved them both.

  22. Sandy Tim says:

    Love the Western Algarve. I've only just started playing golf but have have many good times surfing πŸ„.

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