Too Many Cooks | Adult Swim


Too Many Cooks
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Too Many Cooks | Adult Swim


34 responses to “Too Many Cooks | Adult Swim”

  1. MADDY_ T.V says:

    I'm mentally confused rn

  2. This house has to many cooks in it

  3. More like too many drugs, am i right lads?

  4. this is one of the greatest things I've ever seen.

  5. pb19111 says:

    Horsin' around, anyone?

  6. Fishings says:

    I am gonna assume i am not the only one who read that as "Too Many Cocks" or maybe that was the point.


  8. I don't understand the premise

  9. Is smarf a cousin of squanch ? :/

  10. I fucking lost it at the word-people.

  11. btnheazy03 says:

    Sean Spicer sent me here

  12. Love that the random criminal got his actor listing.

  13. DAILY RETCH says:

    How to get ADHD: watch this on loop.

  14. Dylan Bocook says:

    So many Cooks…

    kill them all!

  15. Too Many Cooks, but every time they say cook, bee movie plays, and every time bee is uttered, the nutshack theme song plays, but every time nutshack is uttered, we are number one plays, and whenever one is uttered, big smoke says his order.

    Estimated time: 1,000 years

  16. whats your favorite idea?

  17. S U I S A D says:

    watching this high is a whole other experience

  18. The title's font is the credit font from the video

  19. Please. I dont understand, Alan. EXPLAIN YOURSELF

  20. too many cooks but when they say too many cooks it gets faster.

  21. Top ten anime openings

  22. This was one of the greatest things I've seen. Does anyone know where I can download the rest of the series? I need to know what happens!

  23. JustAGirl says:

    i fucking love this video it is amazing

  24. Sky Widows says:

    I think I'm in a bit of shock here….

  25. The intro is too short.. please make it longer

  26. Enid from walking dead is in this. just noticed that.

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