Tony Luczak – 20 minutes 2 your best golf swing!


Our science and research to improve your swing in a simple and easy way to learn.


19 responses to “Tony Luczak – 20 minutes 2 your best golf swing!”

  1. The under arm throwing makes sense as it's the club head moving into the ball !

  2. Hi Tony, I'm trying to do the switch. The only thing I'm having problem with is figuring out how to get to compression and not flip. I can get into a compression line swinging with the lead hand but have difficulties when initiating with the trail arm. Do you have a video on this?

  3. Graham Eddy says:

    When I think about hammering a nail I think of repeating contact numerous times. So would you recommend the hitting a tire/bag drill to get the feeling of hitting the club square at impact?

  4. P SMITH says:

    Isn't this just a resurrection of the 'Right Arm Swinging ' method that Tom Tomasello did many years ago? His wonderful You-Tube videos posted by Lynn Blake are excellent and he goes through in detail how to do the swing.

  5. Is this swing senior friendly?

  6. 3ArtiCh0kes says:

    I'd love to watch this..but the audio. sheesh

  7. Ashton H says:

    As I read golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google), I discovered how comprehensive it explains the proper way of doing a golf swing. The book tells the specific skills and swing techniques utilized by all golf tournament professionals. I`ve read 1/2 of this book and also the ideas are excellent. I`ve scored Three straight low 80s rounds right after reading this book.

  8. Mike White says:

    I tried this and at first it worked really well. However, now I am hooking the ball and cannot seem to get back to hitting it straight at all.

  9. John Dunn says:

    the great Sam Snead said I hit it with the back of my left hand, so you could drive the nail forward with the back of my left had.

  10. John Walker says:

    Arms, body, then club. Hmmmm…so throwing the arms makes the weight shift and hips rotate and club to release properly? Wow, golf is sure an easy game.

    Not trying to knock it because I understand the intent but let's not lie and say tour pros aren't initiating from the ground up when it's very obvious they are. This is for the high handicap hackers who need more simplicity.

  11. Hagen Brooks says:

    My feel is that my right arm and left knee start together. Left knee kicks towards target, right arm feels like pulling on a rope, then I'm in a position to use the ground to push and rotate around my left leg. When my arms start to fast, I hook it.

  12. Tony Luczak says:

    I posted an abstract from Dr. Rene Ferdinands' modeling of the golf swing regarding body segment contribution to clubhead speed and how the arms move to generate 85%. With the right arm adducting as the main contributor. http://www.reactionarygolf.com "science of the swing"

  13. MJB7322 says:

    Emil Esposito was my teacher.  See video below.  Teaches the complete opposite.  This is why the average golfer is soooo screwed!!  Who to believe.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdj_H2-kYP8

  14. MJB7322 says:

    You're right, this is completely contrary to traditional instruction.  My teacher, a former PGA touring pro, teaches just the opposite… that the left hand must control the swing for a right handed golfer.  Will consider your approach though.

  15. charly yoo says:

    If I would have only seen this video a long time ago. I think it's instinctual to lead with the arm. My problem was I did not grasp the underhanded part. Therefore, coming over the top and the instructors would key in on trying to get the lower body more active in initiating. So I've been stuck here forever. But ABC makes a ton of sense. I'm thankful to BB Golf for finding you.

  16. the harder i want to hold the release the quicker and wildly hook the ball i dont get it…

  17. Just thought of a detail. So if at impact Jeff's arms are in probation/supination then do you feel like the right wrist flexion starts from the top?

  18. I am an aspiring teaching professional. I started improving(read over 300 books and the majority are a waste of time…maybe 12 great out of 300, mags, sites,videos etc. practiced for 5 years intensively) and a friend of mine wanted me to show him a few things after he saw how good my game has become. Well he improved dramatically and referred someone else to me(who pays well) and he improved dramatically! Then I got 1 more student. Now I am making sure that I am exhausting every possibility to teach perfectly (I owe It to anyone I teach to have 100% solid information). I want to be a true master/expert and keep my teaching small(no more than 10 students regularly). I want to perfect what I teach and take the time to truly help people master the game and have fun. Your wisdom is priceless. Thank you so much. I will refer students to your videos often. Also if you have any advice for an up and coming teacher (i will take anything.great books, videos, people,..lol…I absorb it all ) it would be appreciated.

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