Titleist 915D2 v Taylormade M2


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Titleist 915D2 and Taylormade M2 Drivers compared and reviewed by PGA professional Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. Mark hits both drivers to see which might out performs the other and which might suit your game better. Both with stunning looks, is there anything else that will set one driver apart from the other? Play your best golf with the best equipment for your golf game.

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24 responses to “Titleist 915D2 v Taylormade M2”

  1. Mitch 1977 says:

    I love my Titleist driver! D3 hit em long & straight everyone!

  2. billthehick says:

    very ladies tour numbers champ.

  3. Ugh, wouldn't touch anything TMAG again. Regardless it carrying 8 or 80 yards further

  4. K0daLY^G says:

    m2 is better. im 15, just got it today, used it in golf team tryouts… 10/10 driver. best i've ever hit. if you want to get distance, but also control/forgiveness, this is the driver for you!

  5. R Mc says:

    Rick Shiels hit the M2 about 350 yds!

  6. Ian Nicol says:

    Hey Mark.
    I did notice however ru were hitting 10.5 m2 and 9.5 with the D2.
    I have a D2 and get good numbers out it with a 10.5 but I think the ball flight is too high. Could u not try Taylormade on the same loft as the D2 for a comparison. of have you got a reason why u didn't choose same lofts. are the shafts different and the kick points different. be good to know what the numbers would be say if you used to Rogue 70stiff in both and both clubs same lofts.
    what's ur thought on that bud.
    Also how would the m2 compare to the D3.

  7. @Mark, I love your stuff. But I assume most of the viewers are not single HCPs – and I would love for you to maybe work a mishit in to your club reviews to see what they do when not strikken… stroken … strrri–kouunnn … when not HIT perfectly.

  8. Andrew Smart says:

    He's slagging off Rick shiels

  9. stumpyslvr says:

    I notice the M2 was set to lower which would put the loft at 8.5 degrees and set the face angle 4 degrees open.The D2 was set to A1 which puts the loft at 9.5 and the face angle at 1/2 degree open.The open face should take the left side out of play for the most part.I found I had to go down in loft with the D2 to get the best results.The lower loft seems to result in more ball speed for me.

  10. Rory O'Dwyer says:

    I hit the M2 recently. Never gotten numbers like it from any other driver I've hit. It's a great club. On a side note I just hit the M2 3 wood today and it's a thing of beauty.

  11. Would the 9.5 loft vs the 10.5 loft have anything to do with the carry difference

  12. K4crasher says:

    Really enjoy the fact that you make a big deal of the human factor. Mr Spieth suffered with the affliction only a few day`s ago. If it can happen to him…….it gives me hope. Thanks for the high quality, no nonsense videos, Mark. Keep up the good work.

  13. Do you, Mark Crossfield, check the actual loft on drivers when testing? I've checked the loft on the drivers I've been using and there's quite a big variation. Since I've only had one Cobra, one Nike and one TaylorMade it's diffcult to say anything at all since loft might not always be as the ones I've used. Any thoughts? Would love your input!!!

  14. Adam Flynn says:

    of those two I would take the D2 but it's more likely I would stick with my mizuno 850 😁
    I would be gutted if I had bought M1 for an awful lot of money more than M2 though as most people seem to be getting better numbers out of M2 but as TM are a crap company that don't appear to give toss about their customers and the money they fleece them for – I wouldn't bag any of their products even if offered them for free

  15. James M says:

    love the instructional videos and videos like this! Subscribed!

  16. Thamac15 says:

    I love the feel of the Titleist. When I hit the Taylormade it felt off for my high swing speed. It must have been the shafts that I was hitting. I went full Titleist this time, 915D2, 915F, 716mb, sm5 wedges, and the golo 3.

  17. Golf Geek says:

    Great review Mark 😃👍

  18. Matthew Dodd says:

    For me Mark its about feel and I know you talk a lot about that.
    I had a Cobra Speed for 10 years and loved it but changed in the summer to a Cobra FlyZ, I changed for newer tech, I got back into playing after a break with kids.
    The Fly Z lasted less than six months I ended up just not feeling it, got decent numbers and I was longer with that than my current M1. So why change you may ask?
    I just didn't feel consistent and confident with the Fly Z the club felt like I was swinging a brick. The M1 whilst a tad shorter on drives feels so much better off the face and I can tell if I've hit on out of the toe at impact for example.
    Distance isn't everything.

  19. chelseaant1 says:

    Both clubs same length?
    Also could shafts be making the different numbers?

  20. Looks and feel of the club more important than distance for me. More distance not always the best over control due to comfort of the club in my hands. Feel Better soon.

  21. Peder Jensen says:

    which launch monitor are you using ? – There is not much valid if it is not a flightscope or trackman, yes

  22. MrPolus24 says:

    2:42. Pink castle straight into the face!

  23. Miguel Garza says:

    love and understand this video. I have a 913 d3 and a M1 430. I too get very similar numbers out of both but some days I play one better than the other. keep up the great work Mark.

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