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The 712 version of the Titleist AP1 iron is introduced in an exclusive interview with Steve Pelisek. The new tungsten sole plate improves forgiveness within an all new clubhead. The Titleist 712 AP2 iron also has a new tungsten weighting system in the back of the head and is one of the most forgiving clubs for its size in the market as the Golfalot Equipment News review explains. More reviews at www.golfalot.com/equipment-reviews/titleist/ap2-712-irons-6464.aspx


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  1. Alps P says:

    I am 40 and play off 13 ….(everyone else says their age and h/cap so thought why not lol) anyways I struggle with the more thinner blade like clubs I've tried etc so gonna go down the ap1 route, don't think I'm skilled enough to shape shots with the ap2 anyway so think the ap1 will be more better especially as getting older and weaker 😊

  2. mark l says:

    Hi Julian , agree 110% , I play of 5 and play ap1 , there are a couple of tour pros on ap1, great point

  3. well, i´m have a 8 handicap, but i´m not a great mid to long iron player (7 to ahead) so i prefer a game improvement iron and i have a ap1 set. is not about handicap because in my case is my short game skills that make the difference

  4. I'm playing college golf next year and I current have taylormade 2.0 irons and I usually shoot in the LOW 80's what should i upgrade to?

  5. Golfalot says:

    Hi Derrick. I would probably suggest trying the AP1s as they will probably offer you a little more forgiveness. If you particularly like the AP2s then you could maybe blend a few in on the short irons. Make sure you get fit for the right irons for your game and not the right price for your wallet :>

  6. Golfalot says:

    Hi Dominic. The AP1 irons would be worth considering so I would try them out and see if they are forgiving enough for you. If you decide to go for them then make sure you use a Titleist fitter to get the right shaft flex, length and lie.

  7. Golfalot says:

    @wally_wonker The AP2s would be right up your street as they offer more forgiveness than blades as well as good degree of feel and flexibility to shape shots. Give them a try and let us know what you think of them here or post a review on the site (see url under description)

  8. wally wonker says:

    hi my handicap is 3 ,,would i need these

  9. Golfalot says:

    We agree, the 712 CBs are a great looking iron, but we would recommend the AP2s. They offer more forgiveness than the CBs, yet more workability than the AP1s. It is great having a set of irons that look good in your bag, but ultimately you want to find the set that offers you the best chance to play well. Thanks for the question!

  10. hi,the cb are so cool my handicap is 11.0 could I play the cb with a nippon 990 shaft

  11. Golfalot says:

    @MyTacoStinky69 Hi. If you have AP1s are are improving then the AP2 irons would be the next step. A visit to a Titleist fitter will help you decide on the best set or combination of AP1 and AP2. Save the blades for when you are pro!

  12. I'm am 14 and I have a 9 handicap do you think I should get titleist mb or stick with my ap1s

  13. Golfalot says:

    Hi. The AP2's are a good club, but whether they are right in terms of forgiveness and shaft flex is hard to say without seeing your swing. You are at a stage in life when you are still growing so depending on the amount you play then you may not want to spend a lot on clubs you may outgrow so a good deal is tempting. However the wrong weight, length or flex of shaft could hurt your game. Try out some similar spec clubs with a pro present and see if a simialr set up works for you first.

  14. zuck1826 says:

    Hi im 14 and have a 10.5 handicap. I was offered a good price on the ap2s from a friend and was wondering if they would be a good club for me. The shaft are project x 5.5

  15. Golfalot says:

    Hi. I think a player of your level could use these irons as they are forgiving enough for that. It is probably still worthwhile getting fitted for the correct shaft as that can have an influence on how they play as well.

  16. rsawnti says:

    I love the AP1s but am a 24 handicap. Could a player of my skill level use these irons? Thanks

  17. Golfalot says:

    @aubrey19000 Hi. I think either will be fine for you, but the AP2s will be a little more forgiving, especially in the long irons. I would recommend going a Titleist Pro/fitter to check out both models as at your level getting the right shaft is just as important and will also help control the ball flight. Let me know how you get on. Mart

  18. Aubrey Moore says:

    Thanks for the great review. I play to a 2.4 handicap index and have been using the Titleist DCI gold deltas for the past 20 years. They have the old TT-Lite type shafts and I hit a high ball flight. Should I mainly focus on the AP2s since they play similarly to the old DCIs or should I consider the CBs to help get a more penetrating ball flight? Thanks

  19. Golfalot says:

    @RyanRayWilliamson The CB's are probably closer to your VR Pro blades in terms of size. However both will give you the same level of performance but with more forgiveness. The AP2s are probably more suited to your current handicap level, so I would suggest going for those. If you are keen to improve and play a lot I would strongly recommend going to a Titleist fitting centre. They will be able to measure your swing and give you a recommendation based on actual performance.

  20. @ylucas96 Game improvers

  21. Golfalot says:

    @ylucas96, Thanks for the question. 12 handicap at 14 is very impressive, keep it up!

    Being that you are still quite young, we would suggest you try the Titleist AP1s. Similar look and feel but with more forgiveness and distance which you could benefit from at a younger age. As always, if you are able to visit a Titleist Fitting Centre, getting the right length, weight and lie can make a huge difference. No doubt you'll be a single-figure handicapper in no time!

  22. Golfalot says:

    @joanhearn2546 Hi. I think you would be better off with the AP2s for now as they will give you all the performance you need to improve your obviously good golf game to low single figures when you can consider the CBs. No need to make the game any harder :> Given your age I would strongly recommend going to a Titleist fitting centre/pro to get the right length and weight of shaft. Mars

  23. Golfalot says:

    @boorockz13 Hi. That is a good handicao for your age. I would recommend you go for the AP1 irons as they will offer you the forgiveness you need at this stage in your golfing career. Given your age, I would make sure you get custom fitted for the right length and wieght of shaft for your height and build too. Please post a review of the irons after you have got them to let us know what you think. Have fun!

  24. Golfalot says:

    @PhilMickelsonFan1432 These irons will start shipping in the UK from 18 November 2011.

  25. golf smith.com will ship them as of Nov 15 2011

  26. ggu illk says:

    When do these irons start shipping?

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