Tiger Woods Best Shots


Tiger woods’ best shots in his career! Greatest golfer in the universe.

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47 responses to “Tiger Woods Best Shots”

  1. D Slatt says:

    I noticed that all of these great shots were from a time when Tiger was thin and had not started a career in body building, which ruined his back and his swing. Golf and "getting big" do not go together. Tiger was at his best when he was lean and thin and stayed out of the weight room.

  2. Of course there is stupid loud ass annoying music. Of course.

  3. Grande classe e stile perfetto!

  4. Harsh Rana says:

    if golf is a religion,then tiger woods and seve r god to me.

  5. tiger Woods is a very good golfer but he cant play golf he is hurt he has been hurt for a very long time but he is still a very good golfer

  6. jordanaug81 says:

    I don't think anyone will ever beat Jacks record.  It's a new age and the overall field is more competitive than it's ever been.  Tiger was phenomenal and if you ask me, he was the best.  I don't think anyone ever dominated quite like he did, and the shots he pulled off were almost supernatural.  Love Tiger.

  7. mcrayfourd says:

    shit that's when he had some hair

  8. jimdingo says:

    You kind of cut the hell out of this

  9. He's been rocking that red shirt look for a while now. It's signature to him in my opinion

  10. susan heath says:

    I would like to thank that white woman wife oh sorry ex-wife  tiger cheated on with 17 plus porno whores. I love watching him crumble on live television. Watching the Andrews Scotland game right now live Thursday morning and TIGeR has just about givin up! GO SPEITH!

  11. Man I miss the tiger in this video.

  12. drumzmagoo says:

    The music and editing ruin it. It's hard to watch

  13. Judge Smails says:

    IMAGINE…If I let Tiger use my ol' Billy Barule ?
    Billy,Billy, Billy !

  14. Dan Musk says:

    Whats the music?

  15. He's is a funking amazing

  16. Rohit Sinha says:

    Wow. Wonderful movie. My dad was once a fatty. He went from 293 lbs of fat into 210 lbs of natural lean muscle. We think it is magnificent! I just joined personally because I must make improvements to my entire physique. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)…

  17. Gaw Guir says:

    Super stickman golf brought me here

  18. J Hayes says:

    Keep showing that passion Tiger. That's why we like ya. Your personal life is just that, yours.

  19. Glenjose07 says:

    I wonder ay what point during this timeline video he started banging hookers! i'm trying to see a change in attitude but I cant see one! Maybe he always did it!!

  20. tinynoggin says:

    Tiger and I share the same expectations.

    i go to work everyday, expect to go home at 5 pm and not hurt my back in the process because those task chairs can be challenging if you sit all day long watching Youtube about half that time..

  21. dadolph says:

    "I EXPECT to go out there and WIN, EVERY tournament I play in.
    Because, that's MY level of expectations. That's what I strive to do."
    and THIS is why he is so GREAT. TIGER THINKS WINNING!! How about YOU??

  22. cagyeman says:

    The majority of these are when he used to be nice, and not so arrogant…

  23. Fine vid. Youtube is fantastic for this kind of info.

    My homeboy had been bullied. He stated he was gonna get bigger. I did not believe him. Then he packed on 40 pounds of full-strength lean muscle mass. He used the Muscle Building Bible – Google it. He doesn't get bullied these days.

    I personally subscribed last week. See exactly what goes on. Not to mention the mans emails are fucking awesome!

  24. MyHungryBum says:

    He has the sweetest swing that I have ever seen.

  25. Eric Lerman says:

    he is the best ever!

  26. quelle violence! la demesure americaine efficace mais destructrice des articulations et du golf!

  27. MrJ20091 says:

    everytime i see this clip, i always wonder WTF is that guy doing on a laptop 2:13

  28. One of the best player

  29. aaron hargis says:

    where was his second hole in one

  30. Andrew R says:

    Keep saying that and eventually you'll be right 🙂

  31. TRE4RERE says:

    you obviously havent heard of pressure haha amateurs

  32. TheArfdog says:

    That's what people like you said in 07…..

  33. jpracingph says:

    2:27 was a 6 iron from 212 yards from the sand over water.
    THAT'S amazing.

  34. jpracingph says:

    What? The fact that he will never win another major ever again?

  35. jpracingph says:

    2:26 "That looked like it mighta went right…"

  36. SuperRob64x says:

    Sagat would be proud.

  37. TheArfdog says:

    How can he remember what's yet to come?

  38. edu martinez says:

    do you remember the good all days tiger ,do you?

  39. this might be my favorite montage of all time

  40. Mouselord96 says:

    What is the name of the track that plays? Would love to have it on my MP3 player!

  41. tomas torres says:

    this guy must to be miserable

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