THIS GAME IS BROKEN! – Golf With Friends Funny Moments


This game is so broken! D:
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MiniLadd – http://bit.ly/1oZGqBz

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37 responses to “THIS GAME IS BROKEN! – Golf With Friends Funny Moments”

  1. You remind me of a prepubescent child

  2. SML KC says:

    Yay more golf!!!!

  3. Winter Whale says:

    The title says the game is broken but at the end he wins ……hmmm interesting

  4. I_TheSnoMan says:

    I just realized that he was using nanners outro song

  5. Love that adventure time song

  6. he screams to much it hurts my ears

  7. Don't make videos with just basically and Mini. They are the top 2 least liked people in the vanoss/delirious squad

  8. Tekno Axe says:

    So weird hearing Seananners outro music on a video more than 10 minutes long

  9. The only game Scotty will win.

  10. Burago says:

    Scotty sucks dick at this game(tylor style)

  11. ArgusStrav says:

    What is with all the cuts? I find games like this much more enjoyable if you just show the entire match, otherwise it's hard to keep track of who's winning.

  12. IT'S TIME TO STOP!!! XD Poor Basically.

  13. Tank Gaming says:

    Pokรฉmon go to the polls

  14. I see that between different groups of people who play this, some of the holes are different.

  15. talcott72 says:

    hi fourzer0seven ur awesome!!! so are ur videos they are funny!

  16. krickett00 says:

    5:41 did you just sample filthyfrank lol

  17. Marcel didn't run out of time he ran out of strokes!

  18. Ruben Wong says:

    scotty i dare to play minigolf and get a holeinone

  19. Love your voice your one of my fav I'm a big fan of all you guys

  20. Ben O Reilly says:

    In the front nine whenever someone got 14 at least one person got 7

  21. dude u need to shut up u scream way to much

  22. TGforreal says:

    if u left click u jump

  23. ZACO BACO says:

    shoulda brought Tyler AKA wildcat for this g ame

  24. ZACO BACO says:

    Scotty when you talk you kinda sound like Marcel

  25. Jords Wick says:

    "I jump like a fuckin girl" well you are a pink ball ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. Chris Holly says:

    5:55 – I miss that sound effect XD

  27. StormingRiot says:

    Bottom right of the screen: Strokes 407 lol

  28. What program does he use to record his gameplay?

  29. Johannes E. says:

    Awesome video! Good one ๐Ÿ™‚

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