The Ten Worst Golf Shots Ever


An animated sketch a friend and I put together some years ago.


20 responses to “The Ten Worst Golf Shots Ever”

  1. What is this, a crappy kid's cartoon with crap, misplaced and completely random use of "cunter" and "Tiger says", and trumpets blowing as if it's 1986?

  2. +Alex's Game Room what humour?

  3. Seriously. What is this crap?

  4. Ken says:

    The fuck did i just watch?

  5. futurematt5 says:

    @ledoudinou Thanks for your comment, appreciated! Makes a change from the other dumbasses who didn't read the description and have nothing intelligent to say.

  6. Dr.Shmup says:

    great job, i love this video like this!
    a lot of imagination, a camera and here we go.

  7. bigdthefirst says:

    u an your mate are weird freaks man

  8. 5saMan6 says:

    That was aweful

  9. bicklesby1 says:

    must forget this forever

  10. futurematt5 says:

    @shepshenko809 cool, that is If I'm guessing you liked the video before you removed the comment. Most people hate it, which is a shame cos it does say it's an animation and my first ever video not a film of actual golfers goofing up.

  11. futurematt5 says:

    @vintagevideogamegeek hey now it's got 100 dislikes I feel like celebrating…with a game of golf.

  12. Retto Mada says:

    hey matt…fuck you!

  13. Funny as fuck mate, shame the golfing community can't see the humour.

  14. God again we have a rtarded waste of broadband, yeah, thanks.

  15. Paolo Farina says:

    this is really one of the most boring thing I ever seen!!!!!! bad!!!!

  16. @manuhunter101 yeah

  17. futurematt5 says:

    @oldskoolrc thanks mate, positive comment appreciated, most people will only see this after looking for some real golfing cock ups, and think it is shit!!

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