4 responses to “The Super Stroke putter grip & regripping”

  1. pickin4you says:

    I have a question. I have built my own clubs and regripped many over the years. I now work in a sporting goods store that has club repair, and though I work in a different department, I have had to help those less experienced in regripping. Now to my question. There is a guy at work, that every time someone gets a new Super Stroke to replace their smaller factory grip, he gets it stuck about 6" on. Now I get them on, but they do not slide as easy as you just did in this video. What is the secret? More solvent? Even with solvent in the grip as normal, I sprayed solvent on the taped shaft before sliding it on. All of the others go on super slick, but the Super Strokes they have an issue with.

  2. Glen Collins says:

    Is your workshop on a bus ?

  3. Kyle Smith says:

    Once the grip is on, if you realize that the grip is not square with the face of the putter can you rotate the grip to align it? If so will it have to be done in a certain amount of time after putting the grip on the shaft?

  4. Brett David says:

    What's the best way to remove one of these? I've got a fatso 5.0 on my current putter and I want to replace it with something a bit slimmer.

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