The Single Biggest Fault In Golf By Gary Player


Avoid this fault and get all the answers to your questions from Seymour Dunn, Musselburgh, Scotland, at


25 responses to “The Single Biggest Fault In Golf By Gary Player”

  1. Single worse thing about golf is it wastes 4 hours a day when you could be doing something productive. 90% of golfers can't golf and don't admit it.

  2. Anthony Mead says:

    Love em both – Gary Player was the strongest willed player ever. Seve, well no one will ever replace him.

  3. LondonNYLA says:

    Gary Player doesn't seem to know how to teach golf unfortunately. Confusing cause and effect, not getting to the source of the issue. Everything starts from bottom up, which allows for the inside-out natural motion. That's what he should be preaching.

  4. Seve was one cool dude! RIP Seve…………………

  5. 'Gary Player' is the single biggest fault in Golf.

  6. All golfers do  Good bye

  7. footwork,who has it,what is it

  8. Craig says:

    Sliiightly on the inside; sliiiiiightly on the inside. Great stuff Gary 👍🏻

  9. Chris Beard says:

    If coming over the top was how you do it, I'd be a superstar.

  10. What about taking a powder keg on the round?

  11. keep the box effect in right arm as per ernie els tip and you cant come over the top. also this problem caused by most golfers trying to lash it, most players swings are faster than their natural rythum.

  12. A great tip from one of the best.  Denny Law…with all due respect to Gary Player, in my view the two greatest golfers were Ben Hogan and Moe Norman.  Perhaps Moe was slightly better with his swing.  Cheers

  13. Love how Seve says "regularly"

  14. 4:01 this is not correct. The clubhead should follow this plane but the hands do not. The hands are WAY too far from the right pocket! Player is right, of course, that amateurs first turn the shoulder out, however this hoop gives people the completely wrong idea.

  15. Mdmchannel says:

    Gary Player is great and he is a Grand Slam winner

  16. plentyofouts says:

    All good swingers, including Player, get their hands back out towards the ball from the top. The difference is the good player shallows the shaft with the club head behind them. The poor player brings the club head out with the hands. Pulling the hands down is certainly not the answer either. Steep shaft from that and stuck arms behind the body. Hands out from the top does not automatically mean 'over the top'. One of the major misconceptions.

  17. stephen f says:

    Perfectly titled video, by the way. It really is the single biggest fault. Those who figure out how to avoid it can become very good ballstrikers. Those who don't, won't.

  18. TheThoover says:

    Did Sevi take lessons? I thought he was self taught

  19. Denny Law says:

    Two of the greatest players ever, but Gary could be the best player ever in golf history. A man that ran his life so well he was never once involved in any mis-conduct at all and still in the public eye for about 70 years. I think he's a once in a life time man and is still full of enthusiasm and kindness for others. I wish I could have had half the success he's had with people but he has inspired me to be a better man without a doubt..

  20. Have to disagree with Seve. There are secrets to golf. Like life golf is be appreciated when viewed and experienced as a journey. Like life, when you are in a crisis or have a bad day, try to grin and bear it, and with a little luck, your smile will return to your face.

  21. James Horan says:

    Tom said Gary cheated at the Skins Game in 1983 when Gary removed a live small leaf of rough which enabled him to have a clean chip shot to save par.  Gary then won the next hole.  They made up and Tom now says Gary was just tuning over a new leaf in his life.

  22. DAVID R says:

    Seve under pressure was great; the only time I can remember him folding was on the 15th hole sunday of the 86 Masters, when he knocked it in the water, and Jack went on to win

  23. stephen f says:

    Miss Ballesteros so much…

  24. John Clark says:

    did Tom Watson say Player Cheated??


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