The Haunted Mansion! – Golf With Your Friends Funny Moments and Fails


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Outro: “Nyan Cat [Bunnymajs 8bit version]” by Bunnymajs



34 responses to “The Haunted Mansion! – Golf With Your Friends Funny Moments and Fails”

  1. wiccanin says:

    i wish i could challenge these guys in this game xD

  2. U can here Joe barking in the background

  3. Did you hear Daithi de Nogla's dog bark at 1:01?

  4. Aj Diaz says:

    our didn't hit the target you just landed past the wall where the hole was

  5. if your reading this, have a guchi day

    love you all <3

  6. Keychain says:

    i love brock he laughs like a goofball when he realizes he messed up

  7. King Star says:

    that wasn't a bear that was a moose

  8. Kiwi Jackson says:

    nogila is a dog hater

  9. Zacktube says:

    It's not a bear it's a moose it has exactly the same pattern as moose antlers

  10. babies? Babies? I thought they were nice night might night. Knight es

  11. Bro mandude says:

    basically is terrible at golf better stick to gmod hahahaha

  12. Underlord711 says:

    Brock is just a cheerful guy

  13. Where's vanoss I wanna hear his rage!!!!!! I WANT VANOSS

  14. jj the gamer says:

    i think basicy is so dumb because he made a stupid trick shot instead of doing the easy way

  15. Chance Evans says:

    Moo seeing ghost first time awww like it was cute basically seeing ghost first time holy shit it's a ghost like it just threatened to posses him😆x)

  16. MLBB says:

    I'm in salt lake this weekend Brock

  17. Basically Bigjiggly De Snuckel

  18. you know there mode to put you in random shape

  19. True Emu says:

    OMG BROCK! At 8:40 that was the most MLG thing I have ever seen

  20. Lishadra says:

    I like the music in this one. What is it?

  21. Billy Bill says:

    shit they be cross in into the shadow realm.

  22. Hole 11: Gotta go through that Dedidated Wam

  23. Dat trickshot tho! XD Oh and if you're wondering who that ghost was, Tyler says his name is Casper the Friendly FUCKBOI

  24. Did you actually get cod points?

  25. 16:11 do you even know angles?!

  26. Daithi is so mean to Joe

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