The Foursome – Full Movie starring Kevin Dillon


A racy, raunchy comedy spotlighting four unlikely friends at their 20th college reunion on a golf course. A con artist, a millionaire with a hot young trophy wife, an oversexed family man and a frustrated executive relive their crazy, carefree youth wild sex, hilarious pranks, boozing, bonding and rivalry – as 1985 comes to retro life. The “boys” learn to grow up the hard way as they play high stakes golf, deal with their disapproving women, and keep on partying to a pounding disco beat. With Kevin Dillon (Entourage, Platoon)

Directed by William Dear, 2006

Starring Kevin Dillon, John Shaw, Chris Gauthier

Directed by: William Dear
Starring Kevin Dillon (Entourage), Beverley Elliott (Once Upon a Time), Chris Gauthier (Eureka), Nicole Oliver (Littlest Pet Shop), Matty Finochio (Night at the Museum).

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26 responses to “The Foursome – Full Movie starring Kevin Dillon”

  1. 41:07 πŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌ

  2. Diana Rivera says:

    in 41:7 she is crazy

  3. Johnny Drama from Entourage

  4. Tom Tucker says:

    this is the corniest movie i have ever seen in my life

  5. That whole whose got the glowing balls scene, HAHAHA!!

  6. Just…
    I can't even.
    I have lost my ability to even!

  7. cruor18 says:

    Best golf speech ever… very patriotic

  8. Dopey film but good to kill 1hr 20mins

  9. yeah, it was a good time. Love to get together with my friends and play a round

  10. SeveredVayne says:

    what a gay ending.

  11. Norm Price says:

    Good movie. I am 43 and loved it.

  12. That Night Golf Line Had Me LMFAO!

  13. this sucks it can suck dick and lick ass

  14. kc67 says:

    One of the worst movies ever made.

  15. LakerGold24 says:

    Drama steals the movie πŸ™‚

  16. joam martin says:

    18 till i die!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I'm a 20 yr old dude and I loved this movie, apart from the idea of fornication, lol.

  18. jhsoby says:

    This movie is devoid of humour. It tries so hard, and fails even harder. Horrible waste of time.

  19. Jimmy Lee says:

    awesome and funny

  20. 3 ppl don't have friends

  21. offtext2 says:

    i love this movie,its funny πŸ™‚

  22. Very good movie…it was real,no doubt.

  23. Nice. Crazy-P says "woof, woof!"

  24. vondior says:

    great movie..pretty funny

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