The Best 56 Degree Hybrid Golf Wedge For Tight Lie Chipping


A Better Way To STOP Shanking and STOP Chunking Shots with Shank Proof Golf Wedges

Many golfers have the fear of shanking wedge shots. Shanks are considered the worse shot in golf and can send panic to any game. Shanking is the result of the ball coming in contact with the hosel of the golf club. It can be an embarrassing situation for beginners as well as experienced golfers as it might continue throughout the course of their round. The results of a shank are never good but a golfer can overcome their fear. Shank proof golf wedges are designed to produce any shot that a traditional wedge can while virtually eliminating shanks and chunking shots. They are a great way to enjoy the game you love.

Golf wedges with the hosel removed from the face allows golfers to have a complete view of the leading edge to perform any shot at hand. These wedges impart more spin and higher lift on the ball. The unique no hosel design eliminates shanking shots and also helps to lift the ball from the sand. With shank proof golf wedge in hand, you can easily get up and out of sand as well as from the deep rough. These are a great choice for those who want to improve their short game.

Shank proof golf wedges will allow you to cut through the rough and other surfaces easily. These wedges assure fewer strokes, more one putts and substantial reduction of chunking. The leading edge is forward and out from the hosel, making it virtually impossible to shank. Wedges come in different lofts of 48°, 52°, 56° and 60°. Testimonials from many golfers state these wedges are more versatile and easier to hit then standard wedges. Enjoy browsing online stores offering shank proof golf wedges and improve your short game. They will also assist you in finding the right fit according to your special needs.

THE NEW GENERATION IN HYBRID WEDGES- The Black Magic® Wedge Hybrid Golf Wedge assures less strokes, more one putts, no more shanks and substantial reduction of chunking. The large full face action, set back hosel, hybrid technology and improved extra wide sole allows you to slide the club under the ball on ANY lie creating more spin and lob it softly onto the green from a few to 125 yards on the target line. All Black Magic Wedges conform with USGA Rules.
For more information, video tips and specifications visit:
48° Hybrid Pitching Wedge Specification – http://bitly.com/1xtDNKS
52° Hybrid Gap Wedge Specification – http://bitly.com/1GPQTYa
56° Hybrid Lob Wedge Specification – http://bitly.com/1zN9qCi
60° Hybrid Sand Wedge Specification – http://bitly.com/1wU63r4

Technical Specifications – http://bit.ly/zmgDLx


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