Taylormade Milled Grind Wedges


Taylormade Milled Grind Wedges reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark takes a close look at the Taylormade Milled Grind wedges with on course testing and data. Find out the best wedge to suit your golf game with Mark’s simple and easy to follow golf videos.

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37 responses to “Taylormade Milled Grind Wedges”

  1. Yuvraj Joshi says:

    You really need to work on your game πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Don't know how you've qualified to be a supposed "professional "πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Raul Monzon says:

    your weight is pretty far back on those pitch shots

  3. Love the video and idea of looking elsewhere for "good" wedges. Something I found interesting at the Titleist and Cleveland websites is that there is no mention of the forging process of how these wedges are made, which makes me think, have we been paying forged club prices for cast clubs? Have we been convinced that these are great wedges based purely on marketing and brand recognition? Companies usually can't wait to tell you how unique their forging process is…

  4. Scot Hardie says:

    To finish on a thin bulletπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  5. Lee Masters says:

    I've got the old 52 and 54 RAC wedges. Great feeling so I'm quite interested in these.

  6. XesserX says:

    Mark, how come the spin on the full shots (or close to) is so low compared to doing "dry" test? Remembering some of your old wedge tests from a year or so back, wouldn't you normally see around 8000 rpm from a full shot with a wedge on GC2 from a mat?

  7. jimbofatplum says:

    this need some 'benny hill' music when you speedy run up to the green.

  8. Bram Taylor says:

    thumbs up for not editing out the poor shots…. we all do it.

  9. Derek Joy says:

    has Rory got a spare shirt?

  10. Really good review Mark, great to see clubs tested in a course environment, really interesting to see what actual spin numbers you get. I got professionally fitted for my wedges last year has made such a difference, gapping them properly and making sure they fit in with my irons and also helping me understand things like grind and bounce and which one fits in with my swing and what I want out of a wedge. Would definitely recommend that anyone looking for new wedges gets fitted now, can be confusing with all the grinds and bounces available. Keep the great content coming bruhπŸ˜ƒ

  11. tableshaper says:

    I can't believe Mark ran up to the green!

  12. Come on! A wedge is a wedge. Once you buy one and practice with it and learn how to use it, it does not matter what brand it is. It's personal preference.

  13. jacob cook says:

    Glide 2.0 wedges please!

  14. Golf Boys says:

    Just uploaded a new course vlog!

  15. i Mc says:

    I really don't see the point of these on course tests to review performance.

  16. Adam Flynn says:

    they do look quite nice but will stick with my mizuno wedges

  17. Tom Cooke says:

    "Milled Grind"? Oxymoron.

  18. Medicjas says:

    short game needs some more work.good review.

  19. James Harvey says:

    You are completely right in saying you should test (all clubs) in real situations and in areas that (we) struggle with the most….. but…. where or who is going to allow us punters to take some clubs and go test them at our leisure?? This has always been a issue for me regarding iron fittings… why are (we) only ever fit for a full set using one iron (usually a 7 or 6 iron)? Why not fit using a PW/9iron, 7/6 & 5/4 irons?? My set comprises of PW to 3 iron.. should I not test a PW & a 3 iron as well as the standard 7/6 iron??

  20. Grinds do affect spin! More bounce means lower impact (on average)!

  21. Like those, wouldn't swap them for my Nike VR Pro Forged wedges but I do like them. Don't anybody say I never give praise where I think its due even when its Taylormade πŸ˜‰

  22. everyone makes great wedges now. it's all personal preference and marketing

  23. hyperjay712 says:

    Thanks Mark.Great format .

  24. Dave Martins says:

    Mark could you do a review of the wilson staff v6 irons

  25. Mark, you raise a great point. People do not think of TM for wedges. Who are the leading wedge makers today in your view? And is that generalization still valid or is it based upon things 10-20 years ago and almost all major companies produce good wedges? Thanks for your input.

  26. If u shouldn't be looking at spin when buying wedges then what should u be looking at ? Is it different bounces and what they can do for u?

  27. Judge Smails says:

    So what about the red insert in the hosel? My guess is it makes the club feel "fluid" at impact… ; – )
    (sorry Wilson Staff – couldn't resist)

  28. GNet Vids says:

    Hi Mark!
    Question what do you do with all your lovey demo clubs after you test them.
    Your house must be full of clubs.

  29. David Mason says:

    3000rpm from a 56deg wedge can't be right?? I get confused at how much reliance there now is on data that some times seems wrong. Surely wedges are about looks, feel, hitting specific distances and being able to hit a variety of shots around the green. Is the height you hit the ball not as important as spin, I hit the ball high with relatively low spin but have no problem stopping the ball on the green due to the steeper angle of decent.

  30. Robbster999 says:

    another great video, you must be getting board being so good πŸ˜€ have you thought about buying some cheapy sports direct clubs to compare? with what your saying it would be interesting or wont the big boy manufacturers allow. cheers .

  31. 0:43 – I was expecting a "really lovely" from youngest here.

  32. think u need to take wrapper off mc. great vid

  33. neil kiddier says:

    Those spin numbers can't be right surely???

  34. 1β›³πŸŒοΈ

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