Taylormade Ghost Putters Daytona Indy


Taylormade Ghost Putters Daytona Indy. More TaylorMade putter reviews from Mark Crossfield and Steve Buzza, this time they are looking at the Daytona and Indy putters from the Ghost Tour range.

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20 responses to “Taylormade Ghost Putters Daytona Indy”

  1. I realize this is an older video but came across this after trying and buying the Indy. I went with the Indy over Daytona because I was always told (and had read) that the amount of offset in a putter should be based on your dominant eye. If you are left eye dominant you should use as little offset as possible. If you are right eye dominant, use an offset putter like Daytona. Just food for thought.

  2. I recently bought the Tour Black Ghost Indy and I love it. Soft feel and great weighting one the club head

  3. Gino L says:

    I don't like blade putters…

  4. MedusaMonk says:

    Somebody's smuggling raisins.

  5. My Ping Anser putter is like the Daytona so for me too it would be no contest, all my putters have had that neck. Now you come to mention it, when selecting putters that neck shape was the feature that was the greatest draw 🙂

  6. wtkommando says:

    How can you do a putter review without mentioning toe hang?

  7. I have the rossa sport and wouldn't change it for the world ……….indy……….luv it

  8. I still use a TM Rossa Daytona 1 which is now around 13/14 years old. Scared to change it

  9. DjSidewayz07 says:

    I use a Daytona 62 it has the pure roll face or whatever but yeah I love it

  10. Haha, 'short round' I think

  11. MissyLaMotte says:

    lol Buzza is too young to get the Indiana Jones reference 🙂

  12. revman417 says:

    Lovely looking putters…Daytona is my choice but it's purely subjective as to how it suits your putting stroke..

  13. Futeck says:

    I'd be very interested in seeing a review of a Scotty Newport vs a Cleveland classic of the same shape. Both have similar milled faces, shape and weight. It'd be great for those of us ballin' on a budget!

  14. The little Chinese kid in Temple of Doooom

  15. I'm loving these mat colour finish

  16. lol , Indianna james.

  17. Hello chaps, I wonder if the 2 different necks give different degrees of toe-hang ? According to Ping an important consideration if your stroke is curved or straight back and through .Can you show both side-by-side , balanced on your fingers , soles to camera ?
     By the way Daytona and Indianapolis are two of the biggest U.S. motor-racing circuits .

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