Synching Your Golf swing like a PGA tour Pro


Golf Coach Monte Scheinblum is using new technology called MySwing to help my swing start to look a lot more like a PGA Tour pro.

This is Part 2

Using the Ball drop drill, Sam Snead squat drill, zipper away drill and other intentions to take the jump reflex out of the transition. Goat humping and early extension be gone and start really compressing the ball.

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13 responses to “Synching Your Golf swing like a PGA tour Pro”

  1. Mac Kelly says:

    if you allow your arms to start the downswing your hips wont out race them and everything will be in sync.

  2. scedab says:

    the kid in the background has a killer swing

  3. FaqUrNwoBS says:

    too much science.
    not enough golf
    good video nonetheless lol

  4. chris butler says:

    Great sequence, good one to watch way more than once.

  5. I really enjoy these videos and spend hours trying to imagine myself trying to emulate the moves you show. Unfortunately, whatever I try, I can't hit the ball correctly more than once in a hundred shots. I routinely take over 85 strokes over nine holes and mostly hit the ground before I hit the ball leaving a hole big enough to bury a gopher. If I try not to hit the ground, I end up topping the ball. Keep up the great work you guys and as for me, I must try harder I suppose….

  6. Garth Gamble says:

    It's funny. The same things Tiger was working on when he was great. And the fact that he sad he was playing reactionary golf! Letting the arms drop and sinking the move. Looks like you are working in the right direction. Keep it up! http://youtu.be/xOecUNBV_Q0

  7. Great video. X-factor evil? My back says yes.

  8. I totally don't agree with Monty that slowing the backswing down is bad.  In fact many people have a lot of success with a much slower backswing.

  9. The motion sensor videos are fantastic. Keep up the great work. The channel gets better with every video!

  10. Tyler Adams says:

    Have you ever tried the preset drill Leadbetter/Faldo used? If so, what do you think of it?

  11. so im watching this while walking 9… tried to use the zipper away thought on my next shot and sure enough struck it beautifully with my hybrid. Thanks for all your efforts Monte and Brenden!

  12. Golf Geek says:

    These tips are little gems your sharing here thanks! 😃👍

  13. James Heck says:

    Really like the YouTube's with you and Monte. Which drills or thoughts have helped you lessen the amount of hip spin out in your swing. (drop the ball, 10:30 drill, arm off chest etc) What thought if any do you take to the course?

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