“Swing Simply” Understand a golf swing in 30 minutes ” The Arms”


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9 responses to ““Swing Simply” Understand a golf swing in 30 minutes ” The Arms””

  1. If you look at the address position down the line, then draw a line on the shaft. The left arm should be parallel to the shaft plane/angle at the top of the backswing.

  2. Arm Plane? seriously….what on earth the arm plane?

  3. TheElvis54 says:

    You have to let people know about your teaching method. where have you being all of my golf life?

    You have to get this method in magazines and TV. I can be your agent!

  4. TheElvis54 says:

    Congratulations! You have just received the tittle of the best teaching pro in the world. Great way to teach, like no other I have EVER seen.
    I want to repay your kindness in posting these wonderful videos by purchasing whatever you have for sale, except land in the Everglades of course.
    Thanks again, you have open up a whole new way of leaning and even more important, UNDERSTANDING the golf swing.

  5. sfried64 says:

    @MrRitter74 same exact thing. i got pretty good at a back and forth swing, then i realized i was doing it wrong and now i am off a 5

  6. Hi Folks, Thanks for the great comments! The DVD will shortly be available to download or you can order it direct in PAL format from jtgolfing@hotmail.com

    Best wishes


  7. MrRitter74 says:

    it truely is the best….have searched all over the net for dvd but no luck as yet

  8. Mike Leemon says:

    I agree with Ritter. How many wasted hours looking at anemic instruction. This is the best.

  9. MrRitter74 says:

    As an amatuer who has struggled for years to get a simple, repeatable swing, it angers me that all the thousands of hours trawling through video after video have been WASTED ! Until now…this is the real deal, simple, repeatable and above all totally understandable….Many, many thanks for the first time i understand the golf swing and have a new enthusiasm for the game

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