Piers and Andy of meandmygolf explain what the golf swing fault sway is, and an easy drill to help stop swaying in the golf swing
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  1. They are giving away a set of TaylorMade clubs at sites.google.com/site/9d399b9d64

  2. Salman Ash says:

    Hey Piers and andy. Im a new golfer and my biggest problem is swaying. I can do drills like these and not sway but when i actually swing, I sway a lot. What should i do to solve the problem?

  3. jbn675478 says:

    this is the problem all amateurs have. Every hacker i golf with has the sway towards the target, 100% of the time.

  4. Charles Choi says:

    this was the best video ive ever seen. thank you so much.

  5. Leila Bowers says:

    Here's what's happening to ordinary Golfers all across the country right now when they first discover their new super simple technique ==> [ https://www.facebook.com/Golf-Swing-261212630927513/?sk=app_190322544333196 ] >>

  6. A ballet style sway and sway is so beautiful. Start your back swing and let your trail right knee bend. Let your body sway back like a tree being gently bent in the wind. Now, let the wind come from the other direction and let the tree sway towards the target by letting your lead trail knee bend. Then gently start to straighten your lead left knee right before impact. It is the most beautiful swing, like a ballet move. The key is using your knees to sway back and forth like a rythmic tree gently swaying away, and then the wind gently shifts towards the target and sways the tree gently towards the target. No need for coil or x factors, simply using the inertia of you body to create a dynamic platform to hit irons or Drivers off a tee, works for all shots. Iearned this method from a minor league pitcher that holds the course record at my home course. Swaying is only a problem only if you do not have a slow back swing anda nice gentle fore swing. With the ballet tree swaying back and forth tree in the breeze method you maximize how solid you hit the ball, and minimize any glancing blows.


  7. Nic Bing says:

    Nasty Guys ..placing your bag on the tee..what has happened to etiquette  ??

  8. great videos……you guys really simplify it. Thx

  9. Vũ Bùi says:

    Thank you, guys. I've been playing for about a year and am just starting to get my swing in shape. I'm getting really good body rotation which results in good distance, but lately my consistency has been decreasing. After viewing this I realised that I might have been swaying. Now that I'm aware of this problem, I'll start working on lower body's stability. Hopefully I'll get more consistent.

  10. howwey do says:

    after the ball impact..my swing plane instantly collapse

  11. Steve P says:

    Does anyone else think these two Pro's, resemble the male skating team in 'Blades of Glory'? Just sayin….

  12. Michael H says:

    I had a huge sway in my swing. This video explained exactly what was going wrong and how to fix it. Amazing explanation. Thank you for this video.

  13. Too much talking, not enough showing

  14. ALFRED DAVIS says:

    Great video and you both do a very good job of drills and instruction……..many thanks…..

  15. What a great tip. Thanks guys.

  16. I have a problem with "closing the door" — body rotation through the shot. I always feel that swinging my hands forces to rotate but I know that body rotation should force the arms. Another question — Does one swing the hands or the clubhead?

  17. Wayne Kivi says:

    Really good drill. I've been fighting the sway for 15 years, have arteritis in my hips, have tried lots of hints, but these drills and ideas make so much sense. Can't wait to try them on the range. You guys give great help. your explanations and drills are spot on.

  18. Rick Boykin says:

    Watched this video, not because I sway, but simply because I enjoy watching instruction. Great drills. One thing I've also learned about my body is that when I square up my feet my hips and shoulders do not square up, they open up. In order for me to square my hips and shoulders I HAVE to close my stand, move my right foot back. When I do that the rest of my body squares up, which is more important than your feet.

  19. Thanks for the video. I like this video, but I am forced to mention, that almost any cure for golf, can be fixed, by slowing down the swing, both backwards and forwards, in extreme slow motion. What caused me to sway too much away from the target, was having too fast of a backswing (too fast for my level of skill). My philosophy forces me to practive any shot in extreme slow motion, and gradually building up speed, and eventually I reach my maximum capability in terms of speed. So when I slow down my backswing, it allows me to check my weight and balance, so that my weight centroid, and my body position is correct at the top of my backswing, pausing, double checking that I am not swayed away from the ball, but rather my weight over the inside of the right foot, and never on the outside edge of the right foot at the top of my backswing. What this does is make your trail hip lower during your back swing, and sets up a mirror image in which you left lead hip is lower than your right trail hip during the fore ward swing, which works out just right.

    Regards Luke

  20. P Waite says:

    you guys dress so gay

  21. Real good and simple solution to an issue that I have with my game, which (when i play with a sore lower back plagues me more than other times) screws my game, all i needed to do was stand up and turn, silly thing is when I was in my teems and a 4 handicapper I addressed the ball like that, didn't play golf for 30 odd years had a lesson upon returning to golf and had my set up played with, Cheers Guys

  22. The hip rotation test is really useful. You can flare your foot out, do the test again and see the difference. Thanks so much!

  23. Stephen Part says:

    excellent clear and precise video. Well done

  24. g scribling says:

    Forget all that and just narrow your stance. Learn to hit balls and get comfortable hitting full shots with your feet 6" apart. You cannot sway, or you'll fall over. With a narrow stance you must stay centered and balanced. The club will swing around you instead of you forcing it around. A wide stable base is detrimental to a golf swing. Wide base allows you to sway and promotes it. It's very hard not to sway with a wide stance. Also, the knees cannot work properly with a wide stance. When swinging with a narrow stance you will notice after a while that the knees work completely differently than when the stance is wide. The club will actually move faster through the ball and the ball goes further and straighter with less effort. It's almost like cheating. Narrow stance = consistency, accuracy and effortless power = lower scores.

    BTW, that opening the right foot and setting it back may be the worst advice. That leads people to stop their body rotation before striking the ball which causes flipping, hooking, fat shots and all sorts of other problems. Setting the right foot back also aims the player right of the target forcing them to redirect the swing toward the target. This is tantamount to aiming a gun off the target and trying to point it at the target as the bullet is moving through the barrel. It's much, much easier to simply aim at the target, stand still and strike the ball. There are only two things that matter in golf: distance and direction. If direction starts incorrectly the player has to "try" to make the ball go toward the target rather than, aiming at the target and "letting" the ball fly. "Trying" to make the ball go toward the target is why so many people cannot hit the ball straight. Alignment is #1 in the golf swing. Align yourself properly and just hit the ball straight, no "trying," no manipulation, nothing.

  25. Chris Gorman says:

    For that alignment stick in the ground just pull some small jingle-bells off of some Christmas decorations and loop them over the end of the stick with a string.

  26. Excellent video with superb demonstration. Thumbs up!

  27. Ken Royal says:

    Andy and Piers, I didn't think swaying was my problem until I viewed this lesson. The key for me was the hip turn in the correct direction. I'm doing everything as usual in the backswing, but turning those hips properly back. Strikes are consistent and long. I almost didn't watch this one, and it was the swing fault I needed to work on. Crazy game. I was swaying rather than turning hips back. Downswing is so much easier to unleash with full follow-through. Thanks!

  28. Interesting stuff. I wonder how much of a problem this is for me.

  29. rossjg says:

    Focus is the issue not the fact the guys hips won't turn. Focus on through the ball not at the ball. Try hitting 2 balls in 1 shot off a mat, 1 about 6 inches in front of the other. If you sway you will never be able to do it.
    Focusing on body positions is never gonna be consistent. Simple as. Golf has gone way to in instinctive it's a shame

  30. Aaron Straub says:

    I'm 6'6 and haven't had my clubs fitted. Is club fitting that important

  31. Thumper15 says:

    Great instruction as always! Thanks guys

  32. paul togher says:

    guys is it good to have quiet hips in the takeaway by pushing the left hand back for a foot or so i did this and i hit the ball great most of the time

  33. The problem for me is that I can do all drills perfectly, but as soon I actually how to hit a ball, there is no hip turn what so ever, and a slight sway

  34. Thanks guys great drill. I need to work on that. Really well explained 👍🏻

  35. Tim B says:

    If you drop your trail foot back doesn't that change your body's aim, creating conditions for a draw/hook?

  36. So glad you put the "Astbury" at the beginning of the vid! For the last few years, I thought you were teaching at the "Assberry" ….

  37. Kr0pD says:

    The split screen : 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👌🏾

  38. 2525zophy says:

    Please continue doing instruction with split screen shots. The front view matched up with the down the line view shows online instruction like no other. Great drill….

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