Srixon Z 745 Irons Review


Srixon Z 745 Irons Review
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24 responses to “Srixon Z 745 Irons Review”

  1. Any chance you will test the Z65 irons..?

  2. Paul Daly says:

    I play off one and the 745's are the best clubs I've ever played. Combined with ns pro modus3 shafts they are brilliant!

  3. Hi Rick Will you test 765 soon? Thanks

  4. Tim Townsend says:

    I'm struggling to find these in shops, what do they retail at and where can I get them

  5. Rick what are the lofts on the 6 and 7 irons? Thanks!

  6. Looking at these, the new Bridgestone forged cavity backs, and the Titleist CB. the Titleist gave great feedback and we're easy to work the ball left and right. Hard to find Bridgestone and Srixon to compare.

  7. metamurph says:

    Interesting thing for this year their marketing materials put the 9/745 as "tour" 545 is "all ability" and 355 is game improvement. I am hoping the LH version appears soon.

  8. markw2850 says:

    Why the Srixon's over the Mizuno's? For me it was better distance, better dispersion, more height (I tend to be low ball hitter) and forgiving. Went with the X545.

  9. I have played Mizuno irons all my life including 2 sets of Mp9, 32, 64's etc etc but after switching to these Srixon 745's I can honestly say that these are simply awesome! 2 club difference in length with the dispersion being tighter than a hangman's noose!
     I choose the Nippon stiff shaft fitted 'after an hours fitting' so please get a proper fitting to benefit the most as the shafts available to me to try differed immensely.

    Best iron in market at present so go get em!

  10. I own these clubs, they are fantastic! best feeling and very accurate what a great offering they are. Thanks Rick your review helped me pick these. Cheers

  11. John Manmano says:

    Great VID.  I actually tested a 6 iron w/ UST recoil 670 F4 (stiff).  my swing speed was on avg 90, and I was consistent on carry distance at 190
    + yds. I didn't get a chance to change out the shaft and do more testing as I was actually enjoying hitting a Graphite shaft.  I may just change from my 712ap2 to these by mid year.  Loved the feel

  12. Hi Rick where does one go to test out these irons

  13. Fraser 23 says:

    In the bag thanks to your review Rick Cheers! 

  14. Why Taylormade golf balls surely they should have been using srixon??

  15. Nice reviews of the new Srixon irons. These look very nice and appear to perform very well. Do the 545 and 745 look somewhat eerily similar to Mizuno H5 irons?

  16. Matt Manuel says:

    Looks like the Nike covert 2.0 irons.

  17. titan90000 says:

    Nice irons! This is the one I would choose out of the three. Don't like big huge clunky headed irons and need more forgiveness then a blade.

  18. dave burgess says:

    nice they look like j40's. what shaft is in the club

  19. Mike Tecson says:

    +RickShielsPGAGolf Rick did you also review the 945 irons?

  20. Josh Dykstra says:

    Rick! Your tempting me to switch brands of clubs! Those irons look deliciously good!

  21. 333ingee says:

    hi rick, i do wish you would say what make and model the shaft is that  your using with these clubs, as it does make a difference,

  22. Hi Rick. For which handicap range are Z 745 irons? I tested weeks ago Srixon Z Star and was really good. Z 745 irons are similar? I will test on two weeks but your opinion will help me. I want to replace my irons set (it's an important decision…) Thank you and just says that your videos are so good!!!

  23. Ged Goring says:

    Can't understand why you're testing Cleveland / Srixon products and having to use TaylorMade balls Rick. Seams a little odd. These irons look awesome. When are they out.??

  24. nice iron but if you can get a mizuno iron, why get a srixon!?

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