Spin Your Chip and Pitch Shots Easily


Do you want to stop hitting fat chip shots and fat pitch shots that come up short of the green most of the time?
Instead would you like to hit precise chip and pitch shots with lots of spin that will stop your golf ball on the fastest and hardest greens?
In this golf instruction video PGA golf teaching professional Lawrie Montague from www.GolfConfidence.Org will show you exactly how to improve your greenside stroke so you can hit precise shots confidently and consistently.


45 responses to “Spin Your Chip and Pitch Shots Easily”

  1. So you're advising against what most modern teachers are promoting which is a shallower angle of attack, using the bounce and maintaining loft to maximise the spin loft in order to increase spin and maximize the margin of error for miss-strikes?

  2. thanks for the nice video. i'll practice it.

  3. Great tips can't wait to try on practice range

  4. I wish it would show the balls landing so we could see how much bite they had on them.

  5. mrgolf561 says:

    I think this particular video will improve my chip and pitch shots around the green that I am currently having problems with. Can't wait to try it out once I prepare the setup tools (cardboard and incline plank). "Thank You"

  6. Lionel MO says:

    You are spot on. My ball always goes to the right because my swing path is more inside out. Thank you

  7. Ron Cooney says:

    Excellent explanation of the two planes and swing action.
    wait to try it out on the range today.  Thank you!

  8. Rick S says:

    Great explanation, and it worked.  Many thanks.

  9. I wish you'd show the swing plane angle (board of box) from a side view. Rough estimate of degree? Thanks. Super helpful. 

  10. S Munro says:

    Nice vid, thanks, has helped me get good contact on chips.
    For the shank question, just sit back on the balls of your feet more, and the shanks will disappear

  11. scortongardy says:

    4.24 lol you hit that chip fat, you were quick to get another ball and re correct it haha

  12. Have a look at whether the golf club is travelling into the back-swing on too flat an arc.
    If the golf club travels too quickly to the inside your golf club-head might be approaching the ball from too inside to out which could produce fat shots and shanks.
    Set up a piece of cardboard similar to the prop in my video and adjust it to the angle of a wedge and play a few show to see whether your club shaft is travelling straight back or to the inside too much.
    Best of luck with it.

  13. toddsdaler says:

    Lawrie, I really like the results I get with these techniques, when I do them well. However 2 things I am challenged with. #1, I occasionally blade the ball having not gotten underneath the ball. #2, I will occasionally shank the ball sending low and right (but I am doing that with other clubs as well). Thanks Todd.

  14. I'm really pleased you enjoyed it and thanks for sharing your comments.

  15. deane9050 says:

    what a brilliant idea!!

  16. Thanks for your question. It sounds like you might be cutting across the golf ball a little too much with this shot. If your stroke is too much outside to in the impact point on the club-face will move towards the toe. Swing your club back straighter and through straighter and see how you go. Good luck with it.

  17. Thanks so much, I really appreciate you sharing your comments and I wish you the best of luck with your golf.

  18. 34muggsy34 says:

    Really good video!

  19. I'm really glad it helped you and I wish you continued success with your golf.

  20. Maya Johnson says:

    Excellent video, Really helped me with my chipping. Now able to stop the ball where I want.

  21. I'm really glad to read that the lesson helped you and I wish you continued success with your golf.

  22. wlee31 says:

    Great lesson this helped me get back to solid contact. Thank you

  23. Thanks for your feedback and I wish you luck with your chip and pitch shots.

  24. The best of luck with it and thanks for taking the time to share your comments.

  25. my irons have been getting lower and lower over the past few years, and i've always started shanking the ball more in the past couple of years. This video make me think maybe i'm swinging too much inside out, something I did intentionally several years ago to cure my slice. I'll have to give this drill a try. I'd love to start getting more height and spin back in my irons, especially wedges.

  26. Personally I don't think you want to limit yourself to just a sand wedge or pitching wedge but rather experiment with many different clubs that can help you to play many different shots around the green.
    There's an old saying in golf: "roll it when you can and loft it only if your have to". Try your 7, 8 and 9 iron as well and practice hitting low to high shots that run more than they fly through the air.

  27. wesbilly says:

    This is so not what I have been doing, which explains all the extra strokes I pick up around the greens. Do you recommend the sand wedge or pitching wedge around the greens? And what about chipping from the rough? Great videos. I always watch the weight shift, and knee drive videos before playing.

  28. In my experience more shanks occur with a wedge than any other club and the main reason is the short stroke length reduces the time it takes to change the path of the stroke to a more effective one.
    Less time equals less compensation and this means shanks are more likely to manifest.
    Timing is dramatically affected by off plane golf strokes because you have to do more with your stroke in less time which makes it hard to be consistent.
    I hope that answers you question and best of luck to you.

  29. Great; best of luck with it and thanks for commenting.

  30. mcdijnh2 says:

    Interesting tip. Will give it a go tomorrow. Minus the piece of wood though.

  31. xzorro123 says:

    Nice video !
    Q: It is true that shanking is more likely with a wedge. What is the reason for this, so that you must avoid taking the wedge back inside.
    Better understanding leads to application. TIA

  32. Bluecrew27 says:

    Hey guys, started a blog to chronicle my journey to become a scratch golfer. If you could please take a second and just give it a look, I’d appreciate it and hey if you enjoy it, please come back! Thanks, site is bluecrew27 . wordpress . com

  33. Knightlore10 says:

    It's already been said but I was hoping to see the result of those chip shots.

  34. Thanks for your question. I use anything from a 6 iron to a sand wedge and sometimes a lob wedge but rarely as with so much loft it is hard to obtain feel as you are striking the ball right at the bottom so it is harder to feel the pressure being applied against the ball. I prefer steeper faced clubs for optimum feel. I hope that answers your question and I appreciate your feedback.

  35. Byron Foster says:

    Do you prefer a sand wedge for most chip shots or do you ever use a lob wedge, pitching wedge, etc? Great video by the way and thanks for the tips!

  36. Thanks for your comments and you're right, showing the result is very helpful and I'm sure someone on Youtube has produced one that shows you the result.
    You might be better off buying a video that is professionally produced than watching a free one on Youtube if that is where you see the value in the lesson. Either way, best of luck to you and your golf.

  37. Thank for sharing your comments. This video is for golfers who hit fat pitch shots or have chip and pitch angle of approach that is too shallow hence the reason for this video. It is definitely too steep for advanced and elite golfers unless you are playing out of deep rough.

  38. FitFast8 says:

    way too steep into the ball

  39. sodsnooper says:

    My problem with instructional videos, is they seldom show results! The ball could have stuck a marshall for all we know. I good instructional video should have multiple camera angles, or at least, one other angle from the green to see what the ball is doing. To me, a video that doesn't show the results, might as well be a book.

  40. Thank you I'm really happy that you enjoy my videos. The angle of approach of the clubs in your bag are all different so this works well for short greenside shots.
    On longer shafted golf clubs the plane angle is slightly flatter which will make the clubheads strike angle shallower. The principle the same but the longer clubs will sweep through impact more than strike down and into the ground. I hope that answers your question and best of luck to you and your golf.

  41. padabradable says:

    Hi may i just say i think your videos are fantastic would that principle work with all clubs i was imagining setting a bevel to the shaft of the clubs but qnyway keep up the good work p brady

  42. Thank you. Yes I like to use the bounce when hitting slice pitch shots with a shallow angle of approach off tight lies. Thanks for your comments and taking the time to comment.

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