SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor playing Royal Birkdale Hole 8 British Open 2017


In this video you will view hole 8 of Royal Birkdale in our British Open 2017 course preview on the SkyTrak golf launch monitor in Bourne Golf Centre.

You can watch the other holes of Royal Birkdale in this playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3RKpLvzwtqDHYJmHRpb5X4nUHB8IiC6l

The British Open, often called The Open or The Open Championship is the oldest of the golf majors having been played since 1860. This year will be the 146th Open Championship and the 10th time Royal Birkdale has hosted the event.

The 8th hole is another great par 4 that will test the nerves of the players. Keeping the ball on the fairway is a huge advantage when a long iron is needed to hit a well protected green.

The Skytrak home launch monitor is a great way to keep golfing when outdoors prove a little too testing and with The Golf Club you more golf courses to choose from than you have rounds of golf in a lifetime, to hire Bourne Golf Centre follow this link https://bournegolfcentre.com/indoor-golf-simulator/

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One response to “SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor playing Royal Birkdale Hole 8 British Open 2017”

  1. Such a demanding hole, vital to hit the fairway off the tee. Helping to make completing the hole that bit more friendly.

    How do you deal with that little extrar bit of intensity?

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