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In this video I cut down a driver to 42.75 inches, the same length as Jack Nicklaus’ driver. I’m hoping I can find more fairways with a shorter driver!

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  1. kbkesq says:

    Other option is 43" driver shaft w big head

  2. nice vid man ,nearly all amateurs are walking around with drivers too long and they dont know it,shame really,these manufacturers dont want you to find too many fairways,they want you to keep coming back spending more and more!I shortened my rbz by 1inch and it goes sweet down the middle more often than not,thats all we need to do.

  3. nice vid man ,nearly all amateurs are walking around with drivers too long and they dont know it,shame really,these manufacturers dont want you to find too many fairways,they want you to keep coming back spending more and more!I shortened my rbz by 1inch and it goes sweet down the middle more often than not,thats all we need to do.

  4. fezzer says:

    Its a good idea, I did the same thing, went well for a short period, then went back to same problems. Lessons with driver cured the problem so i didnt have to ever cut down again.

  5. that driver is your size.

  6. martynbr5 says:

    I put my 3 wood shaft in my driver WOW what a difference my fairway hits off the the tee with are up to 86% compared with standard shaft which was 53-48% and only lost about 5 yards. going to get fitted for new titleist 917 driver this weekend with a short shaft.

  7. john jammit says:

    this g just STAted that the bid bertha steelhead plus was the "ORIGINAL BIG HEAD DRIVER" – wrong……….

  8. Hi Sheldon Cooper fromage Passadena

  9. Didn't the steelhead plus come out after the Great Big Bertha titanium?

  10. Pedro C says:

    I agree a strong 3 wood.

  11. John Hofmann says:

    I went to that shop and the guy incorrectly measured my driver. It was an inch too long after the cut. Had to go to Dick's Sporting Goods. Thank God it wasn't an inch too short. He also gave me the wrong size ferrule, which I had to replace with another (unfortunately found out after I mixed the glue and placed it in the hosel, ferrule and shaft.). The guy told me to sand down the tip of the shaft and slide the ferrule on. Great way to ruin a shaft. Super nice owner, but I think it's ready for retirement.

    Used to ask my grandmother to mend my jeans until she sewed both legs together half way down to the cuffs. I'll be there one day too, no doubt!

  12. Alan Martins says:

    looks like a 3 wood.

  13. Matt Elliott says:

    Hi – this is something I'm toying with myself, one thing to consider is that while cutting some length off the butt will make the shaft a tiny bit stiffer (nowhere near as much as tip trimming does) as soon as you add a load of weight to the head to get the swingweight back you make the shaft effectively play a LOT softer, the amount you added there probably made that regular play more like a ladies flex!

  14. Alan DLC says:

    how long were you hitting prior to adjusting the length of this driver? if its the same but better control then its a no brainer.

  15. Rick Hammel says:

    try a taylor made mini driver. I hit mine around 270 with a smooth swing

  16. Jack Abbey says:

    Gotta love the old 975 J.VS. I bought one for $10 in Golf Mart a few years ago and cut it down. Bore-thru shaft and great head.

  17. Andrew Linch says:

    Think part of your consistency problem Christo is that your spine angle changes in down swing (towards vertical), which will cause hands to release early sometimes as well as stalling your body rotation . Mr Hogan rotated around a consistent spine angle only rising up after the ball had gone .

  18. Eric D says:

    I remember the original Big Berthas described as "a watermelon on a stick." ūüėā

  19. brianmcg321 says:

    In my old PGA golf club repair guide there was a small chapter on making a "magic" driver. You basically get a 10-11 degree driver with a really soft and short shaft. You would build this for someone having issues with their driving. This was before metal headed drivers of course. Funny how you built almost the same thing.

  20. mattstazza says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2HMUQhlrQw some hogan footage you may or may not have seen christo

  21. freddy says:

    Christo, just a heads up to a recently posted new set of videos by an old Australian golf teacher who knew and worked with Moe Norman to learn his fundamentals. He seems to be explaining a breakthrough he had which actually allowed him to get the same "feeling of greatness" in his shots.
    –Somewhat introductory
    — More into the meat.
    — More meat..
    #3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1_IOOqkgWM

    He has posted more since these.

  22. drrob1963 says:

    Nicklaus was the best driver of his generation, and he was really long! I had a good talk with a tour pro who played with Jack during his prime in an Australian Open in the 70s. This pro said he was really chuffed early in the round, as his drives were level with the great Jack Nicklaus! But when they turned into the wind for a long par 4, he found Jack way, way out in front, a pattern which continued only on other long par 4s and reachable par 5s. "When he went after it, it was jaw-dropping long!" The lesson this pro told me? Play within yourself for accuracy & position on most holes, but go for distance only when it really makes a difference.I think this was critical in the persimmon wood days, but less so now with these large headed titanium drivers. So many of today's pros seem to mega-smash all their tee shots! But I think you're on the right track Christo, looking for more reliability & accuracy with your driver. Its too hard to shoot good scores from the trees for us mere mortals!

  23. Brooks Fiser says:

    Nice choice with the 975. I still game a 975L-FE with an Aldila NV-85, at 43.5" and D2. I'm 6'2", but that short length driver works better for me with accuracy, consistency and solid contact. Hitting it flush with obsolete tech is still better than inconsistent or off-center with cutting edge tech. Just my .02 love the video and channel.

  24. mes select says:

    Hey Christo, really enjoy the information you throw out there… I treat my swing, practice and clubs as a scientific project and the driving range is my laboratory.¬† I cut down a old Calloway driver (draw bias) to a 3 wood length, added no weight and find that I am more accurate without much of a loss of¬†distance.¬† Sure is nice to be on the left side of the fairway.

  25. +myswingevolution You weren't successful in choking all the way down on a modern driver?

  26. Jeff P says:

    Haha, I actually have an old Callaway Steelhead 7 wood that I still keep in my bag. That club is money!

  27. djaub1 says:

    I had mine cut to 44 and added some lead tape. Seem to have a little more control

  28. MrKydaman says:

    Cool experiment, of course your distance will suffer a bit, but if you gain consistency and your scores improve then it's all good.

  29. Why not just hit a 3 wood. I think you can easily get 260 off the tee with a 3 wood and have the control you are looking for. I don't keep a 3 wood in the bag as I hit driver 270 or more and have an 18 degree hybrid I hit about 240 off the tee when I'm looking for more control.

  30. cgasucks says:

    From what I understand, that driver had a regular flex shaft? Was it a little whippy for you despite being cut down Cristo?

  31. E.L.Dorado says:

    My "driver" is a 14 degree Callaway xr pro 3 wood.
    I hit it farther than any driver I have tried (and I have tried many)about 90% of the time.
    Yes,once in a while I can hit a melon on a stick driver around 280 yards but I almost always hit my 14 degree 3 wood 260 yards and it is always dead straight to a small 5 yards fade.
    I got my handicap down to a 6 from a 15 by getting rid of the Bongo bat and using only a 3 wood off the deck.
    I have tried cutting down drivers but it's the same result.
    I heard the reason that 3 woods are so powerful today is they are not regulated as much as drivers for their trampoline effect.I think it's true.
    Also with a 3 wood you are hitting level or slightly down so you get more more backspin which counters side spin and the contact on the face is way more consistent than with a driver.

  32. Jack drove it 275 yards, the average in his day was 270 (248 metres), a lot of guys were shorter, yet todays golfer things he has to be around 280-300 to play good golf. Unfortunately the internet is full of BS. Christo, 260 is plenty to play to a + handicap. Its all about the irons to the green and the putter. Keep on.

  33. noonster55 says:

    I cut down a old cleveland launcher to 43 don't know what the swing weight is I just put a bunch of lead tape I use on my tennis rackets. It feels light, but I hit it pretty straight, don't loose too much distance, but hit more fairways…

  34. Sergio plays a shorter driver (43"?)
    Your swings are very similar….might be a good thing to look into

  35. Joe Wiseman says:

    Hey Christo, I have a Titleist 975D with a Dynamic Gold S300 steel shaft that I can get in the fairway pretty reliably, at least better than my RAZR Fit, and it gets out there around 270-280. That's fine for most courses that I play in central and western Ohio.

  36. Andrew E says:

    Christo, I recognize your videos lately have been shot at the range at skylinks or El dorado in this video which are both in long beach. I recognize that u haven't done any videos lately at the pasadena courses like altadena Eaton canyon or brookside. even though in this video u went to crown city in pasadena, u still went out to hit the range at El dorado it looks like. how come your videos lately have been shot at the long beach courses n not the pasadena courses? did u move out of the pasadena area to the long beach area, or are u now working in the long beach area which is why u go to the range there often now? I recognize before that u never did your range videos at the long beach courses n suddenly now most of your recent videos are at long beach n not in pasadena. I also recognize that before u used to use the range at Woodley in the San Fernando valley if not in pasadena n I think u said in one of your early videos that your work is by Woodley. did your work now move from the valley to the long beach area?

  37. Danielsan says:

    I just bought Taylormade M2 with aldila rogue 70 stiff shaft. Had it cut to 45" and had an extra layer of tape. The best driver ever…. Even though I think it is the shaft. It is brilliant. I can really bomb it and also grip down and play it safe (why cut a driver that much, when you can grip down). I have had 10 drivers in 15 years and this is for sure the best ever….

  38. Breaking 80 says:

    hey i love Crown City golf shop. Its like half mile from my house..

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