SeeMore Giant Series Putters Review


THP TV talks with SeeMore Putters about their entire line of Giant putters. They have a size for everybody and THP wanted to get to the bottom of it.

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8 responses to “SeeMore Giant Series Putters Review”

  1. The 1st putter in the video has a superstroke very long grip. Is that a counter balanced version of the Seemore Giant? What grip model is that grip?

  2. what size super stroke is that on the giant?

  3. Mike Curry says:

    Interesting. I still miss my original FGP

  4. dustin8538 says:

    Never gamed a see more but may def give a try

  5. I need to add another Giant to my collection.  Jack is lonely.

  6. Saki Manazis says:

    Definitely going for one of these for my next putter!

  7. Andrew Kuti says:

    I love my PTM FGP putter in standard size, but the benefits of the Giant line sound great. Definitely have to try one out.

  8. Chris Bache says:

    nice looking putters

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