SECOND HAND CLUB CHALLENGE – PART 5 – This course is a beast!


Here in part 5 of the epic second hand club challenge….we swap clubs and see if our fortunes change heading into the back nine at Burhill Golf Club.

To kick off these videos we travelled down to Golfbidder and were given £500 each to spend on a full set of clubs!!!! See what we picked:

WATCH; They gave us £500 to spend…..SECOND HAND CLUBS SPECIAL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3HYY…

For more information visit http://www.golfbidder.co.uk/



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26 responses to “SECOND HAND CLUB CHALLENGE – PART 5 – This course is a beast!”

  1. Geoff Coombs says:

    peter looks a bit like paul casey, shave off the beard take off the glasses and you have paul casey

  2. Hey guys, loving this challenge. Definitely thinking of taking a trip to Golfbidder!

    How long have you both been playing for and how long did it take you to get your handicaps down?
    I've been playing on and off since i was about 10, but never took it seriously. I'm now 30 and this year I've found a new love for the game and really want to get my handicap down.

    Also, what clubs would you suggest for high handicap players? I need to get some new clubs and have no idea where to start!

  3. Joel Murphy says:

    What a great challange and series of videos. I think that you two should do something similar but with all really old clubs (like only use clubs from like the 80s and earlier). It would be interesting to compare how you all hit those clubs to how the pros from back them hit them. I loved these set of videos!!

  4. goodshoes07 says:

    Rick. Please. Stop. HOOKING ITTTT! It's infuriating to watch! Lovely play Pete well done!

  5. I can't Watch this anymore. Every time I'm watching you guys play I just want to get onto the course!!! Fantastic!!!

  6. Adam Bedard says:

    you guys should do some kind of give away and pick two people in the comments to send one of those whole sets to! Because lets be honest, you probably won't use them again! 😀

  7. Where was Pete's pecker then??? Teasers……..

  8. Dusty Decker says:

    As someone that can't afford the new club prices, any chance you might give some tips for buying secondhand clubs? (What to look for, groove wear, how old is to old, etc) Love the videos!

  9. Matthew Dodd says:

    I had a 540XD and boy could I boom it loved that club.

  10. 54 from 120 down wind hahaha #never getting there son…..

  11. You guys need to stop licking the balls and use these as they are brilliant http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/81oHUq5cXXL._SX522_.jpg

  12. Simply the best series Really enjoying. Thank You.

  13. Wally17 says:

    Could you do a review of the Birdie Ball?

  14. Mats Larsson says:

    Cant believe you think the course plays VERY LONG. Its less than 7000 yards of the back tees, par 72, and seems to be wide as an airfield. A bit surprised they have such an easy course as an Open qualifier, the pros must just kill that course. I played Erin Hills the other year off the back tees, where they play US Open next year, and it was just under 8000 yards with rough from hell. If you are seriously thinking that the course is extremely long I would say that you are not mentally "there" to make a serious challenge of getting into the Open.

  15. Will Bick says:

    9:17 the laughing call of a GREEN WOODPECKER!!

  16. you should have stuck with your irons Pete!

  17. Jon Hall says:

    So what else will Rick do to beat the bearded one? He's made them swap clubs, next he will make them change swings! Lol

  18. Oliver Lloyd says:

    What balls do you use?

  19. David t says:

    This channel deserves so much more subscribers

  20. TheSourbutts says:

    That scotty needs to go in someones bag

  21. do you think Rick would have scored better with his own clubs if he was striking it the same as in this video?

  22. I started playing again last year after a 20 year break.  Initially felt my late 80s vintage Wilson irons could still do a job and I remain of that opinion today.  However, many people seemed to be laughing at my puny sized metal headed woods, so I relented and replaced then with some modernish Titleist 910s acquired at only a little more than 15% of their original purchase price.  A highly worthwhile upgrade at a bargain price.

    Having been impressed with by initial foray into the second hand market, this year I bought a set of 3yr old Mizuno MP-53s.  Considering they are forged they look pretty good, and came with multi-compound grips that appeared to be brand new.  And at what £7-9 per grip fitted I basically paid less than £40 delivered for the irons (3-PW).  Daylight robbery!

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