Al Pacino gives an unforgettable performance as one of the most ruthless gangsters of all time. Directed by Brian DePalma, Scarface lays bare the sordid power of the American drug scene.


32 responses to “Scarface”

  1. MortalMan says:

    lol its not playing

  2. Erik Patiño says:

    the world is yours! work hard

  3. xTempzo says:

    i want to be lake him

  4. xTempzo says:

    hello this is cool

  5. seoquintana says:

    4 dolls for this classic is a good deal.

  6. kilo0714 says:

    just paid for the movie and now it says error wtf

  7. Freddy V.801 says:

    One of, if not the greatest gangster movies of all time…

  8. Crunch Time says:

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  9. Crunch Time says:

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  10. Crunch Time says:

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  11. Crunch Time says:

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  12. Crunch Time says:

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  13. Crunch Time says:

    remember telling I'd be a bum just cause I wore Hawaiian shorts. ..who's the bum now Godfrey Barton fucking homo child molester

  14. Crunch Time says:

    hi lisa. ..forgive not those that trespass against US. ..

  15. Crunch Time says:

    miss you kiddo Michelle you stick got those thick legs? Kerasheen can't compete

  16. Crunch Time says:

    say hello to my little friend, TITUS

  17. Crazy Limper says:

    I understand this movie costs money to watch, but let me see the fucking preview of it

  18. I think you should be able to purchase this on iOS

  19. Weird movie. Fucking hate you immigrant scumbags.

  20. you can watch this good piece of shit in google drive

  21. Max Hinkul says:

    it was my 6-th time. I am pretty sure it's not the last one

  22. Why is everybody fucking complaining about how it's costs money? You have to pay money to watch a fucking movie, that's like being mad that you have to pay for a movie at a blockbuster or at a Walmart or something. Are you all retarded or what?

  23. There r people that watch movies once that's dumb cuz I can watch this movie all day

  24. why does tony have to be so selfish and kill his friend in front of his sister…why couldnt he let her be happy?….he is too over protective and selfish

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