SandFlo Golf designs and fabricates custom putters


SandFlo Golf uses Fusion 360 for end-to-end product development for their custom golf putters. The cloud, collaboration and the community have allowed Johan to bring his ideas to life.
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10 responses to “SandFlo Golf designs and fabricates custom putters”

  1. Morgan Oliff says:

    good stuff. fusion is not a toy 🙂

  2. Thank you very much everybody

  3. Awesome Curtis & Johan!

  4. JohnGrimsmo says:

    excellent video guys!

  5. Toni Pala says:

    Can somebody help me find blueprints of mechanical instruments, engines maybe?
    This way I can practice Inventor and Fusion 360. Thanks

  6. DCTTeacher1 says:

    Loved the custom putter. Nice work 👍

  7. Keqing Song says:

    Great video guys!!

  8. Xavi Gomez says:

    whats the difference between CAD modelling and the modeling environment?

  9. nhbb980 says:

    Nice touch with the custom putter.

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