Rough Lies – How to Hit Golf Shots from Heavy Rough


Heavy Rough – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to hit shots from heavy rough lie conditions where the ball is nestled in thick and deep grass, and when it is sitting up on top of thick grass.

How To Play Golf Shots From Heavy Rough

► Heavy Rough Tips – Video Golf Lesson Summary

Feel the condition of the grass by pressing your club around the ball. In heavy rough you can see two ball conditions occur. Either the ball found its way down or the ball is sitting up nicely. Playing those two shots require very different techniques which are covered here.

Buried down in the rough lie condition:

The primary objective here is to get good contact on the ball. In order to do that, you’ll want to position the ball back in your stance in order to minimize the grass that can get between the club and the ball. You’ll also want a good chopping down at the ball action which is achieved through good wrist hinge action in the backswing and hitting down on the ball. Add more loft by opening the clubface a little before gripping the club.

Ball sitting up on the rough lie condition:

The primary objective here is to not allow the club to travel completely under the ball, resulting in a loss of distance. In this instance you don’t want to add more loft to the club so you don’t open the clubface. You’ll want to position the ball in the center as you normally would and you’ll use less wrist hinge action than you did for the previous shot. In the end, it’s just a matter of letting the club do its job.

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