Rory McIlroy driver swing normal speed



Rory unleashing a monster drive, hear the power!

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8 responses to “Rory McIlroy driver swing normal speed”

  1. Oscar C says:

    He squats and springs up from the ground.

  2. You are right a very special talent! He will hit form soon I am sure.

  3. Eugene Kim says:

    yeah his balance is absolutely amazing. swing so fast, but still he can hold it as long as he wants ^^

  4. he's got a great swing so much power coming from his lower body turn its crazy

  5. the most beautiful swing i've ever seen

  6. dcr88 says:

    yeah man haha

  7. Madisonrvr says:

    wow–i look forward to watching this kid for the next 10 or 15 years.

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