Roger Federer – Top 10 Exhibition Points


Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0grZtlelrM

Roger Federer – Top 10 Exhibition Points
Raz Ols


36 responses to “Roger Federer – Top 10 Exhibition Points”

  1. DEC says:

    i don't even wanna know what the thumbnail was about

  2. Warren Kent says:

    would that shot he played at 2:10 from outside the court, be a legitimate shot in a non exhibition match?

  3. Bradd Nope says:

    No matter how old he gets he will always remain a legend

  4. Vicky Ray says:

    Which match was this at 1:48? Was damn funny to watch!

  5. akrmenho says:

    That guy , Federer, seems very good and talented he should play international

  6. Yash Singh says:

    630 dislikes from novak djokovic fans

  7. 2:20 is the last shot legally allowed?

  8. do some more meth andre. Faggot

  9. Ali Ahmed says:

    You can beat him ..break his GS records.. His titles ..all you want but you can't play as he can

  10. jamesd says:

    big serves , what is a big serve ? i can serve at 165 mph regular …so your system is how to serve slowly

  11. BeastsTube says:

    I wonder if you could be this good in wii sports?

  12. sedwarg says:

    2:51 what is this fake bs

  13. Neymar Neog says:

    Federer is the ultimate guy

  14. Muzic Reder says:

    definition of grace

  15. thats y i call him god of tennis

  16. chillD D says:

    federeR is a LEGEND

  17. that last one was unbelievable wow

  18. Akhil Sai says:

    The last one was epic

  19. JAD1297 says:

    Yeah he's good… but he is such a show-off… and i am swiss

  20. なかなか素晴らしいショット

  21. kang C says:

    badminton back hand smash lol

  22. Nella miniatura Federer stava facendo la cacca!

  23. Cooper says:

    Federer is the GOAT!!

  24. This was some incredible, amazing, awe inspiring , delirium inducing………COVFEFE!!!

  25. BadBurrito says:

    I'am a Nadal fan. Always have been, and picked this side at every match between those two,
    But you ask me who is the GOAT ? Federer. Federer is.

  26. A EL says:

    2:17 the dab was invented by tht guy

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