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37 responses to “RICK’S PICKS FOR THE PGA CHAMPS 2017”

  1. Hey everyone! I'm loving all the comments! You don't have to fully agree with my picks that's absolutely fine! If you can pick a better team go for it using the link http://dkng.co/shiels share your picks with me on social using #RicksPicks

  2. Will Y'all check out my new golf channel? Would mean a lot

  3. Leo Wright says:

    Rory has the lowest major score of 61 in 2015

  4. BoabMcMuffin says:

    Hey Rick, I've just managed to break my R15 driver! What would you suggest as a replacement? That is in a realistic price range?

  5. DaffyGamer83 says:

    Hi, just to let you know I would like to thank you for all the club reviews and help me make some decisions on what clubs I will use in my bag.

  6. Jeremy Holt says:

    Hidecki, Spieth, and Rickie. Will not be a euro, and BG will miss the cut.

  7. Jeremy Jones says:

    Three UK picks?? Maybe wishful thinking Rick! Hahaha. Love your channel buddy, but think the only one of them that really has a shot is Rory. My 3 picks are Matsuyama, DJ, Mcilroy

  8. Adam Flynn says:

    Thomas pieters Bubba and Rory

  9. Eric Hinds says:

    Rick, betting channel, I know you have to paid the mortgage but come on mate!

  10. I think Rory wins based on his form last week. Long shots are Phil and Poulter

  11. Webb Simpson might have a chance because he knows the course well and ever since the changes the course has become incredibly hard

  12. TJ Shine says:

    1.Spieth,  2. McIlroy  3. Polter.

  13. Ive backed Ian Poulter each way at 100/1. I backed him before I seen this video, so Im not copying.

  14. Rory is currently our most tagged golfer this week by a mile and has a 93% start sentiment. Chalk has been hitting in recent tournaments, but DJ is the only "most tagged" golfer to win a tournament (he did it twice) in almost two years

  15. 3rd person title 'rick picks' lol

  16. Can u do like 10 top wedges and putters

  17. Snowy 1721 says:

    I feel like Jason day is due for a win. He played alright last week with a back injury. I think he's due like if you agree

  18. Malmo says:

    There is so many betting sites and I find it really low to promote more gambling than need be. it might be low bets but do we really need more gambling in our lives?

  19. James Cairns says:

    Jordan for the win and career slam , rory got a good track record there should be a great finale cant wait 👍👍

  20. Oh Sod it! says:

    Noren ranked 9th in world and gets zero recognition IMO, gotta be worth a punt at the current price.

  21. 100% agree with Rory. Been playing really well. A win Can't be far away

  22. 1000Gixxers says:

    Rory…..if he could putt…HIDEKI or Speith FTW

  23. SCNJTS says:

    Grace is a weird pick and I wouldn't say he has momentum personally. Noren, Fleetwood, Hoffman, Pieters and Casey are all cheaper and better picks IMO

  24. It's not about picking winners all the morons that are saying these picks are bad. The way you win is by picking players that have the best value for their price

  25. America says:

    You have to make a jump towards television, while staying on YouTube at the same time for you financial interest

  26. Solomon Li says:

    If Hideki didn't win last week I would've picked him. That being said, I feel Rory and DJ are due… but will Spieth be bringing his big game for this weekend? Right now he's been fire for the big tournaments.

  27. James Flynn says:

    Lol. Why not. I love it. No way to predict major Winners. You're brilliant.

  28. Tan Sunny says:

    Hi Rick , happy birthday to your daughter

  29. Elijah Heck says:

    Hey Rick, I love your top ten irons of 2017 video. It would be awesome if you did a top ten irons of all time!

  30. chris Sankey says:

    Ian Poulter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  31. BK King says:

    Rick heavily favors europeans in his picks

  32. Jordan, Hideki, Fowler, Mickelson. I that order.

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