Rickie Fowler’s Top 5 Worst Golf Shots


Rickie Fowler’s Top 5 Worst Golf Shots from 1 Step to Better Golf http://www.1steptobettergolf.com . See our other videos featuring golf instruction tips, beautiful women golfers, and funny golf bloopers from the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, European Tour and Asian Tour.

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15 responses to “Rickie Fowler’s Top 5 Worst Golf Shots”

  1. These shots don't show us "1 step to better golf"😂😂

  2. mr75204 says:

    Thank god! His fan boys think he's practically Jesus Christ and can do no wrong.

  3. His bad shots in orange does that say anything 🤔

  4. Caiman says:

    this is like my every round lol

  5. Damsons says:

    Seeing these make me happy about my golf game

  6. Alex W says:

    he gets more & more orange

  7. Dustin A says:

    Now I get why he stopped wearing orange on Sunday's hahaha.

  8. Ron Don says:

    Now I'm gonna look to put out of bunker anytime I can!!!!!!!

  9. Well he did just win the players championship

  10. They are mostly out of bunkers, lets work on that a little Rickie

  11. this is the top 5 worst, no wonder why he is top50 of the worldLOL

  12. You are an idiot… 

  13. These weren't that bad considering the situation. Number 5 was an odd choice but none were skulls, chunks or shanks.

  14. Agree with Jeremy. Just one pull hook and a fanned iron shot in wind, the rest are bunker shots from tricky lies. Ricky is swinging great.

  15. Jeremy Bader says:

    man this really isn't that bad. if these are his top 5 worst then he's doing pretty damn well for himself

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