Renegar Golf Wedge – Product Overview and Our Technology


Presented by Renegar Golf: new technology high performance golf wedges for your modern short game. THINK OUTSIDE THE BUNKER.

A conversation between golf TV personality Kraig Kann and Renegar Golf designer Bob Renegar discussing the overall benefits of the Renegar Wedge.

There are seven wedges in the Renegar collection, all even numbers from 48 to 60. In the video Bob demonstrates the sole contour, which is utility patented. The wedge is designed to have several bounce surfaces, allowing for the leading edge to be lowered to the playing surface. Yet the bounce is still preserved with the design and greatly increases the ball spin rate. The grooves meet the 2008 USGA groove modification.

The shaft is a composite instead of steel, and is designed by Aldila. The shaft works better in the wedge so that the flex point of the shaft higher with a reinforced tip. This helps to control trajectory, which delivers the club head more consistently.

The Lamkin grip is made specific to the wedge. It’s about an inch longer than a normal irons grip, with a wider right hand section/lower section is enlarged, so that when you are hitting the more delicate shots on the green you’re gripping something that is substantial ensuring more control.

Regardless of your level of play, all players will enjoy lower scores when using the Renegar Golf Wedge. There is a lot about the Renegar Wedge that opens new doors – especially shorter puts because the wedge puts the ball closer to the hole. And that leads to lower scores in your golf game.

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