Regripping your golf clubs


Step-by-step video guide to regripping your golf clubs


20 responses to “Regripping your golf clubs”

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  2. 3puttdog says:

    I use just regular old paint thinner as solvent when I do it – works great.

  3. David C says:

    What I do is use a hair driver to apply heat and the tape will peel right off. Start at the end of the tape closest to the head and work your way up applying the heat and peeling..

  4. divad44 says:

    Where did you get that tape from?

  5. orgorg7 says:

    @shawnspeed3 The best way is to use a heat gun.
    You can place the heat gun directly on the tape, moving it up and down the tape as you rotate the shaft a few times; you want to do this is a relatively quick motion so you don't damage the shaft ( if graphite ).
    Then just peel off the tape.

  6. orgorg7 says:

    Some clarifications are needed here. Do NOT use lighter fluid or gasoline; you're just asking for trouble.

    Use a solvent that you can buy at Golf Galaxy, or Golf Smith ( it is safer ). You can reuse the solvent many times, so use something like a plastic pan. Spray the tape as-well-as pouring the excess solvent on the grip; pour it from the open mouth, on butt of the grip. Place the club grip down NOT grip up. It only takes 30 min. not over night to use the clubs.

  7. tigerbalm says:

    What's the easiest way to remove the tape? I hate that part, takes forever. I hate scraping or using my fingers. There must be a faster way!

  8. mgr1956 says:

    Very helpful video

  9. yoman258 says:

    Anyone else get that "special" feeling after watching this?

  10. i like to use urine as solvent !

  11. i just got a kit frm ebay, 13 or 14 srips of tape, bottle of solvent, and shaft protector for round $10!!!

  12. white spirits, lighter fluid, gasoline, etc

  13. You need a power tool. Either a bench grinder (use the wire wheel side with a soft wire wheel attached). Or a hand grinder again with a soft wire wheel attached. This will also "rough up" the metal a bit allowing for better adhesion for the tape.

  14. james mase says:

    i took my old grips off and found it practically impossible to get the old tape off and when i finally did there was a gooey residue that is impossible to get off ive tried everything anyone have any ideas?

  15. Conrad Riley says:

    gasoline, im not even kidding it makes a really good solvent for re gripping

  16. Will it work with cheap Dunlop clubs? they are my beginner set but it would be nice to have some better grips on them

    They are MXII

  17. ysong00 says:

    what kind of solvent do you use?

  18. ysong00 says:

    what kind of solvent do you use?

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