PurePoint Golf Video Lessons – Secret Golf Swing Tips


This video from PurePoint Golf shows you the secret tips for a better, more consistent golf swing.


9 responses to “PurePoint Golf Video Lessons – Secret Golf Swing Tips”

  1. Rey Sison says:

    Great Tip…Thanks

  2. Eng Kwee Lim says:

    Good tip. as long as the ball gets out when its buried, its good

  3. ffairlane57 says:

    I usually use my rat iron for this kind of shot.

  4. T Brown says:

    I have to try this tip

  5. Ray OS says:

    Good tip. Well explained. Thanks

  6. Sviolinist says:

    Great Vid, and ur welcome!

  7. Hector Tan says:

    He makes it look so easy. gotta try it.

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