Ping Sigma G Putter review with Andrew Ainsworth.


First look at the all new Ping Sigma G Putter range.


6 responses to “Ping Sigma G Putter review with Andrew Ainsworth.”

  1. john donohoe says:

    There around the 200$ mark Andrew. I've only seem them on line. These putters are sharp looking and I am sure they perform. Like Ping always do. I hope Ping can keep its market share against all these high end companies. As always, a good video.

  2. Erik Olsen says:

    Great review Andrew. I recently tested the new O-works, the new Taylormade TP line and the new Spiders. The Sigma line felt best. Firm but not too hard. (Although TP's felt good too). I was fitted for Kushin and ordered it. But I really like the Tyne mallet also. It had the best sound and feel but SAM Lab said I was slightly better with Kushin. I think I'm going to get a Tyne and practice with both for a couple months then sell one. I got the PP62 grip for no extra $. The PP60 is great size but has sharper corners that bothered my hands after a while, even with light grip.

  3. mmmm love me some B60. Had the the 1st gen Scottsdale B60. May have to try it against my B60 style Scotty and Odyssey

  4. I also liked the Kushin to be honest. And was also interested to try the Piper 3, but my Pro didn't have it in stock. I'm having a proper fitting on Sunday, and whatever my Pro recommends me from the Sigma range will be up against a relevant O works putter as a bit of a shoot out. I've tried both ranges in the Pro shop and they both feel very different, but I think it's important to get properly fit and get them out onto the putting Green. O Works? or Sigma? We'll see on Sunday which one comes out on top.

    Did you feel as if the feel off the face of the Sigma range was very much dependent on the model?

  5. Ernie Mangus says:

    I went to buy the new O-works and left with the Ping Darby. Feels great and it really did help in my first round with distance control.

  6. Joe Pesce says:

    The KUSHIN is looking real nice! I almost bought it on the spot here in California for $179. I don't want to desert my bettinardi though.

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