Ping Scottsdale TR putter review


Ping Scottsdale TR putter review
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8 responses to “Ping Scottsdale TR putter review”

  1. John M says:

    Over the past 5 months I have been playing with the Shea H non adjustable putter. Bare non it is the best putter I have ever played. I do believe the TR works as Ping intended and it has helped me go from a 17 – 11 handicap. If you get fitted for length, lie and loft there is no need for adjustability. The fitting cost me an extra $10 when I bought the putter. Worth every penny.

  2. Golf Monthly says:

    You can get any of the Scottsdale head designs as an adjustable model.

  3. TheBROCOCK says:

    Is the adjustable length on all scottsdale putters??

  4. Any chanceoh comparing the Anser with the new Yes! Callie-12? Thanks

  5. Greyjedi99 says:

    I have one and I think its great

    But no-one has mentioned that the adjustable grip makes it heavy at the top ie it back weights the puuter)

    This is actually what felt good to me about it and I haven't adjusted it yet

  6. Bougth the answer 2 today and I love it. The design fits in perfect with dark black color of the clubhead. It´s looks even better then the new scotty camerons!

  7. bought one today. AMAZING. So much feedback, more so than miy Pal2 BeCu putter.

  8. Ray M says:

    I love it. I have the Anser model and love the feel. Great review.

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