Ping G400 v Ping G Iron by The Average Golfer #tagers


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11 responses to “Ping G400 v Ping G Iron by The Average Golfer #tagers”

  1. Howie Land says:

    Great test, Andy! If I were looking for new irons, I'd be really tempted to look for a set of G's and save some money over the G400's.

  2. Nick Riley says:

    Great review as always, I have been considering changing my trusty old Mizuno MP53 irons that have served me well over the past few years, to a more forgiving iron that doesn't look like a game improver, in the hope this may help lower my scores.
    I have recently watched your Srixon Z565 review and now the G400 both are starting to appeal to me on the looks front, but! the dilemma I have, will the G400 or similar significantly improve my game enough to help me overcome the fact I am playing a game improvement club!!!
    Nick (12HC)

  3. mick rimmer says:

    g400 vs jpx 900 hotmetal 👍🏻

  4. robshorter says:

    Great video looking forward to the M2 v G400

  5. mick rimmer says:

    good review andy👍🏻 got a skytak myself and have compared it against a gc2 and not much in it to be fair so skytrak well worth the money and great to practice with at home⛳️

  6. GARY REILLY says:

    Quality comparison video

  7. ALAN GIBSON says:

    Great video as always Andy, thanks for the info

  8. how do you feel the skytrak is accuracy wise? is it accurate with ball flight and distances that you see in real life? thanks and keep up the good work

  9. A P says:

    Good review.Ive watched your reviews on both the G and the G 400 and you have hit both models exceeding well.My first set of irons was the Ping Zing 2 and to this day I still regret trading them in.

  10. Don Dasher says:

    Good stuff!
    I love trying new clubs at the local golf shop. I will try the G400 irons soon against my Mizunos.
    I'm not in the market for anything new but I do enjoy the game and technology.

  11. I fancy you are very tempted to put these in your bag. The Mizuno MP5 are a class act & do look the Dog's but are you going to gain by playing the Ping? Only one way to find out. Look forward to a couple of course testing videos.

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