Ping G400 Iron V Ping G Iron – Head To Head


This video sees the new Ping G400 Iron go head to head against the Ping G Iron. The G400 model is taking over from the G model so this video shows if there is any difference between the two models using launch monitor data and personal feedback from myself.

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7 responses to “Ping G400 Iron V Ping G Iron – Head To Head”

  1. I would argue that there is no difference at all look at the two shots closest to each other in swing speed launch and ball speed carry 184 vs 185 same peak angle same decent angle 200 more revs spin with the G i go G all day long

  2. Other reviewers have higher spin, higher ball flight and longer lol totally shows how important fittings are

  3. If you take your appraisal slightly further… If a player is hitting into a green with their 7 iron with 6-7k spin surely the G400 8 iron spin equals or beats your old 7 iron? And has a steeper land angle. No ?

  4. Kevin says:

    Hit everything but the fairway so far. Not overly impressed with the irons. The hybrid feels identical to the G to me (which I thought the G was excellent so that's good, but no real improvement that I saw). The driver is the real gem. I hit it farther and straighter than both the Epic and M2. Very impressed by it.

  5. David Crowe says:

    If your mid handy cap what iron would you choose . With the higher spin number on the g400 wouldn't be harder to stop on the green ? I'm trying to figure out the best iron for me . I really don't care for distance. I want control and stop ability on the green .

  6. Matt Knowles says:

    Won't the 4 yards simply come from the .5 degree stronger loft 🙈😂

  7. Garry Grant says:

    4 yards difference with your 95 mph swing. Can we assume that with an average golfers 70+ swingspeed, then the difference would be virtually nothing… agreed?

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