Ping G400 Iron Review With Launch Monitor Data


My review of the new Ping G400 Iron using GC2/HMT Launch Monitor to provide you with performance data plus my honest feedback on looks and feel.

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10 responses to “Ping G400 Iron Review With Launch Monitor Data”

  1. Ernie Mangus says:

    Do a comparison with the G400 and i200. It sounds like they are attempting to close the gap between the two.

  2. Mike it would seem that considering the loft of the club as opposed to the number stamped on the sole these spin numbers are in fact more than adequate.

    "7" on the sole and "6" (30*) on the club face.

  3. Have you tried a lower launch shaft in the G400? E.g. X100, C-Taper X, etc.? Wonder if the head would still launch it too high for you. Thanks for the videos.

  4. Golfer206 says:

    Excellent video. Curious as to how these compare to M2. I play last year's M2 in the 80-gram Kuro Kage R-flex shaft. Also, would you consider hitting a couple of shots in the manufacturer's graphite shaft option for us who prefer that option? Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to your next reviews.

  5. Diesel Man says:

    Michael, who were your golf-idols growing up? You make Ernie's swing look jerky!

  6. MrNashie says:

    Played from 3:15 to 3:40, Ping says it REDUCES friction by 40%(on thier website and demos). You said "More". Might want to check that out. Great video otherwise.

  7. Michael, great review. What software did you use in the review?

  8. Do you have the crossover to review? I'm falling out with my hybrids and prefer the look of a iron.

  9. Garry Grant says:

    The best tempo and swing on YouTube. Excellent review.

  10. sehnaz1 says:

    Good review Michael. When are you reviewing the Ping G 400 driver ?

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